Tips to Pull Chic Bohemian Style Decor in Home


Chic Bohemian Style Decor

If you are an old soul, have a thing for aesthetic vibes and want to live an unconventional life, then you might have thought about pulling all these colors in your home. And what can be better than a bohemian style for this which is all about culture, old century’s tinge and relaxed feelings that touch your aesthetical chords right on point?

The bohemian style is inspired by people who broke the chain of conventions and chose to live a free-spirited life, dwelling themselves in the colors of art and nature. The Bohemian style reflects all these colors of boho people by combining the right colors, perfect objects, patterns, and furniture that make you go boho.

Though boho homes are always eclectic but pulling the right eclectic spark is also an art that isn’t possible by just shading a simple base and some plants in your home. Here are given some ideas for decorating a perfect bohemian chic style in your home:

Work on Your Color Palette:

Mix and Match Patterns
Though bohemian décor is known for its free-spirited style selection, it doesn’t mean you can splash any colors you want. The first step on shading the right color palette on your walls is to go all neutral. Neutral base allows you to add whichever pop of color, texture, and print you want on your wall without subduing the vibe. Mostly boho wannabes go with warm earthy shades or metallic colors. But adding vibrant colors is also not out of convention because with Bohemian style we have promised to go all unconventional. The best way is to go with lighter base and then layering it with a bright hue for the perfect mix and match unique style.

Use Vintage Furniture:

Bohemian style goes well with the modern pieces as well, but look for vintage touch along with modernity. Instead of sectional sofa, go with tufted sofas, or Ottoman furniture set from Ottawa’s Best Furniture & Mattress Store | Surplus Furniture Canada that speaks class, modernity, as well as vintage vibes that make your place the perfect for the desired feel. You can also go with wooden or caned furniture if you want to stick with the gypsy style of the 1960’s for a natural and raw material furnishing.

Mix and Match Patterns:

Work on Your Color Palette
The bohemian aesthetic has nothing to do with symmetry in patterns because it is all about breaking the rules and setting your own rules in style and aesthetics. So, it is time to go mix and match – choose geometric shapes with floral patterns, or tribal prints paired with modern textures.

Besides textiles and prints, you can also pull geometric lines and shapes in lamps, tables, and mirrors and art pieces. Mixing and matching patterns with organic textures is the symbol of true boho style, and we can’t miss it out from our styling guide as well.

Home is the place where we all want to feel relaxed and refreshed. So, it should be a place that tunes in to our taste, aesthetics, and likings. If you love old school art, culture and styling, it is time to go all Bohemian at your home with the right ideas.

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