5 Reasons You Should Invest In a Swim Spa for Your Garden

Have you always dreamt of having a swimming pool but can’t quite warrant the cost?

Well, there’s a solution. Over the past few years the demand for swim spas has increased as everyone has begun to discover the many benefits they offer. The reason they have become so popular is because they can provide the benefits of a hot tub spa as well as a swimming pool at the same time.
Here we introduce you to the world of the swim spa and explain exactly why you should consider investing in one for your garden.

What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is essentially a pool that allows you to swim continuously against a water current. They are more compact than standard above ground swimming pools and the spa’s powerful counter-current jets will give even the strongest swimmers an excellent workout.

They are the go to for professional athletes but can form an important part of the day-to-day fitness regime of anyone who wants to stay in good shape.
Although primarily used for fitness purposes spas can also be used for leisure and entertaining as they act as hot tubs as well. You can even purchase split-models that have a hot tub one end and a swimming area the other end.


Why should you invest in one?


A swim spa is much more convenient than a built in swimming pool. For starters, they don’t take up as much space and are more compact and affordable pools. They are also easy to install whether it’s in the ground or above ground.

In addition to this, swim spas are portable and so if you end up moving to a new house there’s no need to panic, you can take it with you. The sturdy construction and stainless-steel frame of these products means that trained and experience staff can pick up and relocate your swim spa with all internal components in place.

For fitness and health

As swim spa could be the missing part of your fitness regime that you’ve been searching for. Whether you just want to stay fit and healthy or you are taking on the gruelling demands of competitive swimming having a swim spa at your house will make training a whole lot easier. Not only can they help with fitness and weight management, but they have also been proven to have other health benefits such as relieving aches and pains, improving sleep and reducing stress.

No huge electricity bills

Swim spas are built with superior insulation materials and insulated shells meaning that your pool is as cost effective to run as possible. As they are smaller than normal sized swimming pools they don’t take as much energy to keep warm and a typical 19’6” swim spa, kept constantly warm will cost substantially less than traditional swimming pools.

Easy to maintain

Another benefit of these hot tub spas is that they are easy to maintain. They have state-of-the-art sanitising and filtration systems along with top quality pumps to ensure that you have the cleanest and safest pool possible. Any scale build up or hard water problems can be controlled with certain chemicals and due to the size of the pools they are a lot painless to maintain than a full-sized swimming pool, which can require a lot of general maintenance and cleaning.


For relaxation all year round

Swim spas come complete with insulated, locking covers and top-quality thermoplastic shells so that they maintain a constant temperature. This means they are ready for you to take the plunge at any time, morning, noon or night and season to season. All you need to do is adjust the temperature to create the perfect conditions. All swim spa pools, even the dedicated exercise pools can be used for relaxation and provide a wealth of health benefits such as helping those with mobility problems.

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