Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful


Make Your Move Less Stressful 2

Moving to a new house requires a great deal of work, including looking for a new house, packing, and hiring a moving company. The work doesn’t end there; once you reach your new home, there’s a lot to be done, unpacking and settling. Here are tips that will make you move and settle stress-free.

Start Planning Early

Planning and taking the necessary steps before your move can go a long way in making the overall process less stressful. There are a few things you can do before the moving day; these include:

Change Your Address

When moving to a new house, it is vital to inform relevant people about your new address. This includes banks, insurance companies, and credit card companies. These days you can do everything online, so take advantage of the online change of address service, which will send out notifications to all these places in one go. It is also vital to cancel any existing utilities and get new ones in the new place.

Pack Smart

Make Your Move Less Stressful 1

When packing, try to use smaller boxes instead of bigger ones, as they are easier to carry and help you organize your belongings better. Label all the boxes with a color code so that you know where each item is going in your new home. You should also categorize the boxes into two groups: one for items you will need right away and the other for items that can wait. For all your fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap or other protective material and indicate on top with bold letters to ensure everyone is aware of their importance.

Take Photos

Taking photos of your items in the old house will help you remember where and how you had them arranged. This can come in handy when arranging things back in the new place. Photos can also help you in case your items get damaged in the process of moving, as you can use them for insurance. You can also take photos of the condition of your new house before you move in. This can help you with any discrepancy, as you would have evidence to present.

Organize Your Moving Schedule

It is vital to list all the tasks that need to be done and assign them to specific days not to overwhelm yourself on one particular day. You can write or type them on your phone and set a reminder when it’s time to start. It is also vital to ensure that you have included items such as chargers, keys, documents, and other things you may need right away when arriving at the new home.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving into a new house is not as easy as many think, especially if you’re doing it alone. However, you can ease your work by hiring professional movers. Professionals can help you with furniture assembly and loading or unloading boxes and furniture. They also have experience in handling heavy furniture and equipment.

When choosing a moving company, it is important to check if they have insurance and are licensed and accredited. If an item breaks or gets damaged, the movers are responsible. If the company is not insured, you will have to bear the cost of repair or replacement.

If you are moving to Atlanta, working with a local company such as Atlanta Movers will ensure you get the best moving services. This is because they are familiar with the area and all the best moving practices. This way, you can rest assured knowing your move will be stress-free and successful. Getting quotes from multiple companies and comparing the services and prices is also important. Doing so can save a few bucks and get value for your money.

Clean Your New Home

Before you bring in your things, it is crucial to ensure that your new home is clean and ready for you. This includes cleaning the floors and dusting shelves and other areas to eliminate any dirt or dust. Cleaning also helps with organizing by giving you a fresh start when unpacking.

If you have the time and energy or are working on a budget, you can clean the home yourself.

However, if your budget allows, hiring a cleaning company is recommended, as they have the equipment needed to do a thorough job. Some are also affordable and may even offer discounts. A clean house will always put you in a better state of mind and help you create your new home.

Distribute Your Boxes

Once the move-in day has arrived and you’ve arrived at your new house, you may be tempted to empty the truck fast and pile all your boxes in one corner to be sorted later. This will not only take longer but can be very overwhelming.

Instead, take time to place your boxes in their respective rooms strategically. This shouldn’t be a hassle considering you’ve already labeled your boxes according to their rooms. Doing so will make your unpacking organized, saving you the headache of sorting things twice. Always handle all your valuables with extra care, as they are more prone to damage.

Unpack Rooms By Importance

Once you have all the boxes in their respective rooms, start unpacking the rooms by importance. You don’t have to unpack all the rooms after moving in, as this may be overwhelming. Give yourself some grace and unpack one room at a time. Unpack essential things first before moving to other stuff. For instance, it’s better to assemble your bed before unpacking the TV, as you’ll need to sleep and relax before being comfortable watching TV.

Make Your Move Less Stressful 2


When unpacking, ensure you put everything in its place. For each item you remove from the box, you should know where to put it in your home and place it there immediately. All items you’re unsure of should be returned to the box. This will help you avoid clutter or misplacing items.

After staying in your new home for a short period, say two weeks, take the items left in the boxes and think about what you’ll do with them. You need to decide if you need these items or not. If they don’t have a place for you in the new home, consider throwing them or gifting them to someone else. This will make the decluttering process much easier. 

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming if you’re not organized. With the above tips, you can make unpacking easier and less stressful. Get help from family members or professional movers to make your move smoother.

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