Things to Consider Before Moving to Your First Home


Things to Consider Before Moving 1

You are ready to move out of the apartment you have lived in and into your new house. Of course, there will be differences between living in an apartment and a house. We noted some essential to make your moving into your first home a lot easier. Let’s get started.

Hire Some Help

Having a few extra sets of hands makes moving a lot easier. Things like furniture removal can be handled much easier if you can hire a moving company. If you can’t afford a full-service moving company, you can go for a hybrid moving option. This method focuses on getting you specific moving help at a much more affordable charge than traditional moving companies.

You can purchase a portable storage container or a rental truck instead of hiring movers. The movers are the largest cost associated when hiring a moving company. Hence, consider hiring hourly local laborers to load and unload your truck. This way, you will save money as you won’t need a full-fledged moving company.

Things to Consider Before Moving 3

Clear The Clutter Out

Moving to a new place is a great time to eliminate clutter. You can sell the stuff you don’t need anymore in a yard or garage sale, using that money to finance your move. You can also donate your unwanted items, giving back to your community in the process and getting rid of the unwanted clutter simultaneously.

Prepare The Home Before Moving In

Before you move in, you need to get a few things done without any furniture in the house. As the home is empty, it is the easiest time to get things done. So you need to take care of a few essentials, such as spraying the house to remove pests, wiping out the cabinets, plugging in the required power strips, getting the carpets steam cleaned, and painting the walls.

Get Your New Home Furnished

Apartments aren’t typically spacious, which is why moving into a house will be a welcome change, but also a bit of work for you. You may now have more space for things you always wanted to include. Getting bigger furniture or the home office you always wanted can now be a reality. So you will need to get the furnishing done before you ultimately move in, and the best way to get it done is by taking it one room at a time. First, list the furniture you will need for the new place and get down to designing your new interior.

Prepare A First Day Box

If you want to make the first day and night in your new home easier, you must prep a first-day box, as hunting around for the required stuff in multiple boxes can be quite a headache. This is why you need to set aside all your necessities in a first-day box ahead of your moving so you can save time after the move. You can consider getting items such as extension cords, toilet paper, shower curtains and rings, dinnerware, paper plates, lamp, and trash bags inside the first-day box.

Get The Locks Changed

Several people you don’t know might have copies of the keys to your house before you receive them. This is why it becomes essential for you to change the locks right after you move in, so people don’t have any access to your home. Remember to have an extra copy of the keys and install a home security system. If that is not possible immediately, install a deadbolt on the doors for added security. 

Create A Checklist For Maintenance 

You may take for granted the apartment complex maintenance team’s maintenance work. But you must note that the changing seasons affect the maintenance needs of your new home, so you must create a maintenance checklist to care for the needs of your home for summer, fall, winter, and spring. This way you can keep your home flawless all year round.

Get Your Air Filters Replaced

You can improve the airflow in your home by changing the air filters, which takes only about 10 seconds to do. This way, you will also be able to make the HVAC system in your home more energy efficient. However, to be comfortable with the air in your new home, you must know the HVAC system well. The best thing you can do is find a reliable HVAC technician who will come in and check on your HVAC system on a seasonal basis. 

Check The Smoke Alarms

Your safety and the safety of your family and home are paramount. This is why you must ensure that smoke alarms are installed and work properly. You don’t want an accident or fire in your home that can potentially be fatal only because your smoke alarm wasn’t working properly. You can also consider purchasing a roll-up ladder if you have a second or third story. 

Explore the Neighborhood

You should check out the neighborhood by driving around. In the process, you can discover a new favorite restaurant. You should also stay up-to-date on the local news and events by subscribing to local magazines and newspapers. This way, you can make the new location feel like your home much faster.

Things to Consider Before Moving 2

Summing Up

It can seem quite overwhelming moving into your new house. The tips we mentioned above will help you feel right at home in your new house. Prepare for the move beforehand by gathering the essential tools and taking the help of professionals to take care of the HVAC and help you move. Best of luck with a successful move, and we hope you make great memories in your new home. 

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