Tips to Get Rid of The Mould Quickly

The winter season can be something very exciting for most of us but with the arrival of these months, there comes and unwelcomed and uninvited guest in the house that can trouble us a lot and that is nothing but the mould. The mould can give you a really hard time in the wet season as there is less ventilation and less sunlight approaching the indoors that can cause problems as well.

Wondering what the mould is?

Wondering what the mould is

Well it is the sticky and stinky thing that gets to the indoor portion of your house such as walls, wallpapers, carpets, ceilings and bathroom tiles. Cleaning it is really necessary as it does not only affect the house but also it can harm your health. Therefore it is important that you take measures to get rid of the mould from the house and keep the things clean.

Here we have gathered the tips that you can use to not only get rid of the mould from getting inside the house but you can also use these tips to prevent the mould from appearing again. Inhaling the air that is filled with the mould can be injurious to your health and the symptoms of getting effected with these can be blocked nose and irritation in the eyes and skin.

Tips to prevent mould or to get rid of it

prevent mould or to get rid of it
Now we are going to present to you some tips that will help you know how to remove mould and will prevent it from appearing in future. You can use these tips and stay worry free as well.

  • White Vinegar

If you have seen the mould appearing on some wall, ceiling or some other part of the house, you can make use of the white vinegar to get rid of it. All you have to do is to put the vinegar with the help of some cloth on the surface where there is mould and then leave the vinegar for around an hour. Then clean the surface off with the help of water and the mould will be gone.

  • Chlorine Bleach

Another thing that serves the purpose of cleaning the mould from a place is the use of chlorine bleach. You will have to make a solution of it with water and mix three parts of water with one part chlorine. Then apply it just the same way as the white vinegar solution and get rid of it.

  • Soapy water

If you do not have any of the above ingredients at home, you can make use of the simple soapy water to remove the mould from the surface. For this you are going to first clean the surface of mould with some cloth and scrub it off, then you will apply soapy water to clean it away.

  • Other cleaners

    Mould cleaning

The other cleaners include

  • Tea tree oil
  •  Vodka
  •  Hydrogen per oxide
  •  Specific mould killers form market
  •  Ethanol
  •  Grapefruit extracts
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