Tips on Taking the Best Care of Your Roof

The roof is a fundamental part of a home or commercial building since it is the first barrier that protects everything inside.  During inclement weather or even the hot Florida sun and humidity can cause unnoticed roof damage or weakened roof integrity. Unfortunately, most people to not take the time to inspect their roofs on a regular basis.  Without regular inspection and maintenance, you could have a major roof issue on your hands, costing you thousands of dollars. It is always better to invest the time to address little issues before they become big issues.  We recommend a preventive maintenance plan of action to avoid any major damage and keep your home safe and secure, not to mention maintaining its resale value.

Things to keep an eye out for with your roof:

Search for signs of corrosion

Most roofs contain a percentage of oxide in their materials, which is why, when in contact with the elements, corrosion can occur, which can cause a substantial increase of deterioration or other forms of damage.  It is always best to identify areas where corrosion occurs and be mindful of the types of chemical products used as you don’t want to risk weakening the integrity of your roof. The goal is to maintain or increase the life of your roofing shingles and proper care and maintenance is a sure fire way to ensure that happens. 

Missing Shingles

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It is important to get up on your roof and periodically inspect to see if there are any missing or damaged shingles due to strong wind or rain storms.  This is a rock solid way to minimize and prevent water from sneaking its way into your home and causing other forms of damage including rotting wood, mold or damage to insulation or wall structures.  Moisture is always a dangerous culprit and you want to keep it at bay at all costs. Finding missing shingles require a roofing professional to replace them per local code guidelines. 

Inspect Flashing

Take the time to inspect all pieces of flashing around your vent caps, chimneys or at wall joints and seams.  If found to be cracked or damaged in any capacity, water will find its way into your home or business and cause damage.  Flashing can be repaired cost effectively but it is always a good idea to have a roofing expert inspect any damage just to be sure.  If it is found that the flashing of a certain area should be completely replaced, we recommend making the minimal investment to do so.

Perform routine cleaning

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In the same way that a house we clean our homes inside, we should also treat the outside of the home in the same manner.  Clearing your roof of any leaves, branches, debris, animal waste etc is always going to be a good idea. If you decide to power wash, do NOT get too close to shingles and always spray from top to bottom, never the other way around or else water will get into your attic and reap havoc. 

Periodically prune tree branches

Tree branches can cause damage to your home.  Close branches will shed leaves that can rot on the roof, clog gutters and downspouts which will back up water and cause damage.  Further, branches that are close to the home can allow squirrels and other rodents easy access to your roof and they can chew on shingles, flashing or other materials.  

If you are ever in a situation where you feel you are getting over your head and need the eyes of a professional on your home or place of business, be sure to contact a professional roofing company.


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