Home Decor Style: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Home

Across the United States, there are around 215 million single-family homes.

Homeowners across the country prioritize making their home feel unique – their own safe haven. Every homeowner has thought to themselves at one point or another – “What color should I have my walls and ceilings painted?”

Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, it can be challenging deciding how to best select colors. If you paint something the wrong color, it can set you back in terms of expenses, and also consume days of time to fix. It’s important to pick the right color scheme at the beginning, so you know you’ll love the end result.


To select the correct colors from the onset, there are quite a few popular tools you can refer to as a starting point. Beginning with the color wheel, you can peruse the variety of colors that may best match against each other, or not work together at all. As technology has advanced in recent years, there are even options to scan specific rooms in your home with pictures, and then digitally paint specific colors to walls!

Color Coordination

When choosing a color palette for your home, it’s important to coordinate the colors by using the color wheel, contrast, and other available tools. An easy way to figure out colors that may best fit what you need is to determine what sympathetic colors you may like. From there, you can try designing from lighter shades to darker shades until you find the right look.

Utilize Gray


Gray is a versatile color that comes in many different shades. Due to the fact that gray can be kept as a neutral color, it can be used in almost any interior design for homes. When used properly, it can modernize the look of your home, while simultaneously keeping it easier to put forth a clean look, whereas lighter colors such as white can appear dirty in shorter periods of time.

Reach Out to Professionals

It’s not uncommon for those interested in designing their home to first reach out to professional interior designers. Interior designers are generally educated professionals who specialize in thinking creatively to best meet your needs. The right designer can create a truly custom look for your home that your friends will envy. While designers are always a good start, painting professionals can assist as well. This page on a house painter site shows how they add value – from color coordination & carpentry work to fixing poor paint schemes from past jobs, painters can really do it all. Experience painting with different color palettes among differing home styles is extremely valuable when making decisions about interior design. Many new homeowners lean on an interior designer for creative input, and then rely on a painter to faithfully execute their vision.

Don’t Forget to Contrast


When selecting colors for your home, make sure to create a contrast between the right colors. It’s common to focus on the difference between cool and warm colors, so planning that in advance will simplify the color selection process.

Some homes choose to mix contrast, while others will go for high or low contrast. Low contrast generally involves clean, white spaces. This also translates to desks and chairs in the room, as well as couches and sofas. High contrast spaces will come across with a bit more of a modern look, generally with white walls but black furniture and carpeting.

Contrast matters because the human eye views color in a specific way – by weaving in color contrast effectively you can make the interior of your home more visually appealing.

The Most Common Colors

As with many trends, certain things go in and out of style. However, year after year, there are colors that remain consistently popular. For example, for living rooms, green remains a popular color to use, no matter what the shade. You’ll also often see that beige is used inside the interior of homes as well. While many don’t commonly think of it, when used properly, black can make the interior of your home stand out when contrasted effectively.

The Final Color Selection

Everyone has a different take on what they think looks good inside a home. It’s important to focus on what will make you happy in your living space, and then consult with professionals around your preferences. While getting a professional to paint the colors for you is a good idea, make sure to plan in advance so you’re thrilled with the colors in the end result.

Remember that the colors you end up choosing will be a reflection of your own personality in your living space. By paying attention to the different tones, shades, and available color contrasting options, you’ll set yourself up to be happy with the space you spend your time in. If you really want to get fancy, you can accent your colors to coordinate around the objects and carpeting you have in specific rooms. When done properly, that can make your home extremely unique!

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