Tips on How to Update Your Bedroom With An Upholstered Headboard

While updating the appearance of a room, most individuals emphasize on the ceiling and walls. However, other features like the bed or cupboard can also undergo upgrades to give you room a new look, like adding a custom upholstered headboard. There are various styles to considergiving your room a more beautiful and classy appearance.

Selecting A Headboard Type

There are typically three types of headboards:

  • Floor standing
  • Wall-mounted
  • Headboard that has a strut

A headboard that has struts bolted onto the bed’s frame are permanent and the entire bed will be moved to a different location as a complete piece. A wall-mounted headboard stays on the wall, despite moving the bed, unless they are detached and moved to a new area. A floor standing headboard attaches to the bed and extends all the way to the floor, where the space below your mattress is invisible.


Selecting The Right Size

There is no specific rule as to how the size of the headboard is chosen. A larger size than the bed will make it a wonderful focal point for the whole room. However, choosing smaller headboards than the beds is not recommended, since it will end up looking disproportionate. For a frame-mounted headboard, the size must be equal than your bed.

Choosing Padding

Think about the kind of padding you want for the upholstered headboard. You generally have three choices:

  • Sparse padding
  • Medium thickness
  • Decadent and overstuffed

Selecting The Shape

There are many shapes to select from. The easiest way of describing them in relation to their name is by building on certain styles and creating other from an equal general shape. The simplest form of headboard is generally the circle and entails a half circle. If a point is added to the top centre of the circle, it is called an ogee shape. Half circles that are taller in the centre but slopes down on its sides, is arched. A peaked headboard has the appearance of a peak on a rooftop. A bevelled headboard has the shape of a circle with 45-degree angles on both sides and a horizonal top. A camelback design features a square with the look of a camel’s singly hump on the top of the centre. A scooped headboard starts with a square and features two semicircles taken from the highest point on the sides and has a flat horizontal top.

Selecting The Fabric

There are thousands of choices at your disposal in any color. However, choose a fabric that matches the décor in your bedroom, for instance, the color of the drapes. Select a soft fabric like polyester, velvet or chenille or if you prefer a fabric with a tighter weave, you can consider cotton, linen or polyester.


Selecting Embellishments

The style of the upholstered headboard is imitated by the choice of embellishments that you select to be added on the fabric. Adding a nail head trim on the outside or any other pattern on the headboard gives it a more casual look. You can choose from any type of embellishments like large studs or decorative trims.

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