Tips On How To Prepare A House To Sell In Salt Lake City, Utah

Selling a house in Salt Lake City, Utah, requires adequate preparation. Even before you engage a real estate agent, place a “For Sale” banner in front, or call a real estate investor such as Axess Home Buyers to give you a fair cash offer for your house, consider the following tips and get a good bargain.

Assess The Prospective Value

Evaluate the local housing market to find out the value of houses. You can move around the neighborhood, speak to friends and family to find out the present housing market trends. Such information is vital and will assist you in obtaining useful information about the average price you can expect when you offer the house for sale.

Finding the probable value of your house will also help you find out whether there is anything within a budget that you can do to increase the value of the house.

Work On The Look

Work On The Look

If there is something you can do to give it a better look, then go ahead. Here are some simple ways to get the house ready for the market.

  • Tidy up: Clean the exterior and the interior of the house. If you are going to share the pictures of the house or bring realtors around (which you will likely do), then you need to do a thorough clean-up. Get rid of the garbage around and clean the inside and outside of the house, including the driveway, garden, hedges, and sidewalk. If you have a budget to spend, you can hire a cleaning service and hint at them that you are preparing the house for sale.
  • Work on the look: Paint the house with the buyer’s taste in mind. If you had painted shouting colors or dark colors, then it is time to shift to neutral colors. Do not plan to sell a house with distracting colors. Painting the inside of the house with soft colors will allow the buyers an opportunity to focus on the fine details of your house to your advantage.
  • Renovate: Even if you are not planning to make any major adjustments to your house, it is a good practice to undertake priority renovation with a small budget. Light fixtures in the washroom and kitchen can make a difference between getting the value you anticipate or facing a strong bargain from potential buyers who may not value your house as much as you value it.

Know The Legal Requisites

Property laws differ from state to state. When your house is ready for sale, familiarize yourself with the laws in Utah that govern the selling houses in Salt Lake City. It is always a good practice to know legal procedures even if you are engaging another party to assist you in closing the deal.

Document The Details Of Your House

Document The Details Of Your House

List down all features of your house. Prepare comprehensive documentation of both major and minor features. Listing the features of your house is one of the ways to sell your house quickly by making it easier for buyers to do a quick assessment to determine whether they suit their needs. Many buyers appreciate the finer details.

Take photos and record videos of your house. You can hire a professional photographer or videographer to do this for you. You will need this when posting your house to listing sites and sharing it with potential buyers.

Find A Sales Avenue

You can sell your property yourself, hire a realtor, or sell to a real estate investor.

  • Sell the house yourself: If you choose to sell the house on your own, be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws and the risks involved. You should be careful and exercise extreme caution, so you don’t become a victim of fraud. Selling the house by yourself can be challenging unless you are familiar with the processes, the paperwork, and the usual best practices in the real estate industry.
  • Engage a real estate agent: Real estate agents who can stand between you and the buyer and can take care of the entire process until you have cash in your hands. This is best if you don’t have time to sell the house yourself. However, you will have to pay them a consultation fee and a commission once the deal is done.
  • Sell your house directly to real estate investors: Real estate investors can give you a fair price for your house without intermediaries. Selling your house in cash means you pocket all the money without paying a commission. The cool thing is that real estate investors buy your house as it is without you having to spend for repairs.


Start preparing your house for sale by assessing its value. Check around your neighborhood to know the value to expect. Do everything you can to have the house in a fair state before you start looking for buyers. Familiarize with legal procedures, document details of your house, and find an ideal sales avenue to get value for your house.

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