Get Cat Trees for Your Large Cat

Perching isn’t only meant for the birds. Our kitties love nothing more than climbing. It’s why you need to get cat trees for your large cat.

Cats are so keen on indoor trees because they don’t have any access to real trees. But with a cat tree they are not only able to climb but from a high perch on the top of their purpose-built and no doubt stylish cat tree they can have a nap, plan some playing and relax while they watch all the interesting things that may be going on underneath.

There are several reasons why cats love being in high places. Among the causes of their desire to look down upon their domain and survey all that lies beneath them is because cats like to use height to stay safe.

Outdoor cats can climb up trees to observe from a safe place what’s happening around them. They can use the trees to spy on their prey and get away from nature’s many predators. Well, don’t be surprised that your indoor pet has all these same instincts – if not the same level of danger.

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By clambering up to reach the heights of a cat tree, your kitty can settle down and observe all the activity in its surroundings. The cat can also escape from any other cats or dogs that may be in the house. Cat trees are a good way of reducing feline conflicts in the home by giving your moggy a place to which it can escape.

No doubt having an elevated position gives felines more confidence. If a cat is particularly timid, it could get a lot of benefit from having its cat tree. It allows them to climb high, check out the environment, and see what’s going on – without any need for fear.

When a cat hides often or it avoids coming out into open spaces, erecting a cat tree with its high perch or even a hideaway halfway up the pole would give the cat an ideal place in which to feel secure. You may even discover that your pet has no problems with the family when it’s in its cat tree. This would make it less likely for the cart to hide under a bed or behind the couch.

Cats find that having their horizontal territory is important, but a vertical tree will offer a convenient and highly desirable vertical space in which to operate in a feline way. It will also serve to increase the cat’s living area and provide more space.

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There are quite a few cats that don’t like to spend too much time together, especially in closed spaces. This is another way that a cat tree could offer a great solution. A large cat tree with many different levels, hideaway spaces, and perches can easily be accepted by more than one cat.

Cat trees simply enrich the lives of cats and cause them a great deal of happiness.

Felines love their cat trees because they’re such a lot of fun to play on and climb. Kittens like to use their bodies to reach high places, and the exercise in balance is a great form of animal workout.

When you buy a cat tree with a scratching post built it will deter your cat from attacking your furniture. And when it has a hideaway or two, your pet is bound to take advantage of all the additional privacy.

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