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Tips on Hiring Tree Removal Professionals

Hiring the right tree removal expert can be quite challenging since there is a large number of tree service professionals in the market. 

Here some things you need to look for

  • Cost
  • Insurance
  • License
  • Credentials
  • Free Estimates
  • Equipment
  • Job Duration
  • References 
  • Credentials


This is a huge factor when it comes to hiring a tree removal service. Obviously the goal is to pay as little as possible for a legitimate service. But you generally pay for what you get. Ben from GoTreeQuotes states that the average tree removal cost in the USA in 2021 is $1,289. You can try to pay less for an unqualified and uninsured hack, but at your own risk. 


It is extremely important for every tree service professional to be insured against any potential damage that may occur to either the client or his property in the course of their work. 

Potential clients can verify this by checking the insurance policies of the three companies they want to hire. Such policies should contain liability insurance that ensures compensation to the client if his property is damaged. 

They should also contain worker’s compensation insurance that covers any injuries that may be sustained by workers in the course of their work. This kind of insurance policy also protects the client from prosecution as a result of work-sustained injuries on his property. 

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A license is issued in most states to qualified arborists before they can practice arboriculture in the state. It is a document that proves the legitimacy of a business as far as the law is concerned. When verifying the authenticity of a Maple tree service’s license, clients should ensure that the license in question meets all the requirements of the law, for example, it should be up to date.   

Free Estimates

Requesting for estimates is a great way for clients to avoid incurring extra costs within the course of removing a Maple tree. Estimates can also help clients in comparing different tree removal experts. After looking all the options you can call Supreme Tree Experts Huntington Beach for better service. 

Such comparison helps clients in selecting a tree removal service that suits both their job and budget preferences. Estimates also aid clients in understanding the breakdown of costs that contribute to the total tree removal fee.   

When asking for an estimate, clients are also advised to find out the duration of time that the companies in question will honor it. 


Finding out the equipment that will be used on the job is a great way for clients to determine the level of risk that accompanies the tree removal experts. 

A proper tree removal company should have expert-quality equipment for reaching and removing the tree safely. It should also possess quality protective equipment for its employees such as harnesses and hats. 

Job Duration

The time duration it takes to complete a Maple removal job is heavily dependent on the complexity of the task at hand. 

Asking different companies how long they would take to complete the job helps clients to find out the weight of the job at hand and the quality of tree service experts available. A tree service company that would take an extremely short time would most likely cut corners to finish fast. 


The testimonies of past clients can prove to be a great tool for finding out the effectiveness and efficiency of various tree removal services as far as removing your Maple tree is concerned. 

Such testimonies can be acquired by either calling any known past clients or going through online reviews. 


Credentials are a great indicator of the level of professionalism that exists in a Maple tree removal service. They can also show the degree of quality and experience that the workforce in question possesses for example, whether it has certified arborists or not. 

The kind of credentials that clients should look out for include International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certification, First Aid certification that proves AED and CPR training, Power-line and Climber Safety certification, and Emergency Aerial Rescue certification.  


Although tree removal services are diverse in their operations and can therefore remove any kind of tree, they can sometimes be extremely specialized on the type of trees they remove. 

With this in mind, clients shouldn’t select a tree service that focuses on Oaktree removal to take down their Maple trees. This is because of the different approaches and techniques that are normally used to remove both kinds of trees. 

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How to DIY remove a tree

Cutting the Tree

Although cutting down a small Maple tree is a relatively simple task, it still requires specific tools and skills. In terms of tools, wood-specified saws with wider teeth should be used instead of fine-tooth saws used to cut metal pipes. 

This is because they ensure faster completion of the job with little risk of injury. The size of the tools chosen should also be proportional to the size of the tree. 

For this reason, hand saws are often suitable for small Maple trees while battery-powered reciprocating hand saws are good for their medium-sized counterparts. One should also make sure that there is nothing underneath the falling branches lest they cause any damage. 

In cases where any objects below the branches cannot be removed, cut the limbs into many small portions that can safely fall without causing any damage. 

The branches should be trimmed off from the bottom up. Once this is done, the trunk should be cut off from the top down in manageable sections until a stump is left. 

Removing the Branches and Trunk

Branches should be cut from the bottom up. It is advisable to start cutting each branch from the outer segments first before working your way into the portions closer to the trunk. 

This helps in preventing any damage to objects underneath the tree since it enables one to cut the branches in small manageable chunks. This exercise should be done until the trunk becomes void of any limbs. 

The trunk should then be cut in small portions from the top down using a chainsaw. This should be done until a stump is left a few inches above ground level. 

Removing and Disposing of the Stump

A stump grinder is the best tool to use when looking to remove the stump of a large Maple tree. Hiring a professional to do this is often cheaper than renting out a grinder and doing it yourself. Alternative options for stump removal include either burying or burning it. 

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