Tips On Boiler Maintenance


Boiler Maintenance1

If you want to avoid facing boiler problems at the worst time of the year, it’s essential to regularly maintain it year-round. You can do several things to ensure that your boiler runs at its best, as well as cut down on the risk of breakdown and ensure you get the longest lifespan from your boiler; all things that keep your bills lower. These include:

1. Have A Yearly Boiler Service

A little TLC does a lot when it comes to your boiler. Make sure that you have professional service your boiler each year to ensure that it is running efficiently. You need to ensure that you ask a professional who is an OFTEC-registered engineer to carry out the inspection and identify any issues or potential problems. This will also help you to understand the condition of your boiler so that small problems do not become expensive ones down the line. If you do require a boiler replacement search new boiler Fort William for a guaranteed high quality boiler.

2. Check The Pressure

If you want to have even water distribution throughout your home (which we all do), checking your boiler pressure is crucial. Check the pressure gauge and compare this with the manufacturer’s user manual. You may have to deal with future damage if the pressure bar is either too high or too low.

3. Bleed The Radiators

A room that is failing to warm up as it had done previously may be suffering from a radiator that needs to be bled. Air can get trapped in radiators over the course of time and this results in cold patches and poor heat flow. Bleeding a radiator allows the trapped air to escape and hence the radiator can again run at its optimum level.

4. Make Sure The Boiler Has Sufficient Ventilation

Ventilation plays a crucial role in how efficient your boiler is. If the boiler is in a cupboard there needs to be at least a 700mm gap between the boiler and any present obstruction. Your boiler neds to ‘breathe’ so try to keep the likes of coats and towels away from the boiler.

Boiler Maintenance2

5. Be Vigilant About Drips Coming From External Pipes

External pipes, also known as overflow pipes, can be a giveaway that the boiler is not working correctly if they are causing a leak or drip. This will likely require the services of an engineer to rectify the problem.

6. Make Sure Pipes Are Lagged

You can ensure that the pipes are insulated by having them lagged as the temperatures start to drop. When we talk about ‘lagging’ we are simply referring to wrapping the pipes in insulation, often in the form of tubes; this stops them from freezing during cold spells of weather. It may seem like a simple step, however, lagging your pipes can actually play a key role in preventing serious issues down the line.

7. Make Sure That The Boiler Flame Is Blue

A strong blue flame should be present. A flame that is orange or yellow requires immediate action by an engineer as it may mean that carbon monoxide is leaking into the home. Having a carbon monoxide alarm can give much peace of mind, this will alert you if a leak is detected and means that you can take action immediately.

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