How An Indoor Generator Can Improve Your Home Life


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An indoor generator provides a reliable power supply when a power outage strikes in the home. But aside from this reason, why do you need an indoor generator? Why is it sensible for homeowners to invest in this? Indoor generators can provide plenty of benefits to your household.

Benefits Of Using Indoor Generator

This type of generator is usually portable, which means you can take it anywhere because it’s easy to carry, unlike bulky traditional generators. In addition, indoor generators are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. In this article, you’ll learn how an indoor generator can help improve your home life.

1. Charges Gadgets And Appliances

A portable power generator ranges between 2000 to 7000 watts. With this amount of power supply, you can operate your electric fan, television, and small appliances, making these generators a great power backup solution.

Indoor generators can charge your gadgets and appliances when there’s a power outage such as your smartphone, laptop, light, heater, and electric blanket. Hence, investing in an indoor generator can improve your home life when an emergency power outage happens. 

2. Promotes Utmost Comfort

Even if the blackout is only for a couple of hours, not being able to use your appliances and devices can affect your family’s comfort. Just imagine a hot summer day without a running air conditioning system. Young children and senior family members will surely feel uncomfortable when an outage strikes.

Indoor generators can power an electric fan or air cooler, providing a temporary solution to hot weather, reducing discomfort.

3. Keeps Family Members Safe and Healthy

Indoor generators charge using electricity, which means they don’t need any fuel. Unlike generators powered by fuel, indoor generators don’t emit smelly gases or fumes, which makes them safe to use and keep inside the home.

Stay-at-home family members like seniors, mothers, and young children need a constant electric supply to avoid health and safety issues. Toddlers and preschoolers need adequate light indoors when they move and play to avoid safety hazards.

For instance, seniors relying on remote controls and electronic assistive devices such as wheelchair lifts need the power to move and function independently. Some households have sick family members, needing the power to operate medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and nebulizers.

4. Preserves Your Food

Frozen foods and other perishable goods must be kept inside the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. But when a natural disaster strikes, the power of your refrigerator is also cut off.

Setting up an indoor generator can keep your food fresh in your refrigerator. Because refrigerators only need 400 to 800 wattages to work, homeowners can use a portable indoor generator to power them up. If you’re planning to purchase an indoor generator to power your mid-sized refrigerator, choose one with a minimum of 2000 watts.

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5. Works On Apartments And Condos

If you reside in a small apartment or a condo unit, an indoor generator is your best power backup source. Unlike traditional generators, portable indoor generators don’t produce a loud noise. The sound they produce is like those from a refrigerator or electric fan. Most devices have 53 decibels or lower operational noise levels.

6. Improves Productivity

If you’re working at home, having a portable indoor generator can help improve your productivity. When blackout strikes and your laptop is close to draining its battery life, you may need to notify your boss that you have an outage. Instead of finishing more tasks, you end up piling them. 

If you have an indoor generator, you can charge your laptop and use your internet to continue working. As a result, you’ll finish more work and improve your productivity. 

Of course, your children who are studying at home won’t need to stop making their homework because of an outage as you can keep the lights on with an indoor generator. The same is true with other family members doing different tasks at home such as selling stuff online or working freelance jobs online. 

While you may have a backup renewable or green energy source like a solar panel, it still pays off having an indoor generator as another emergency backup. 


Having an indoor generator can significantly improve your home because it promotes utmost comfort from operating and charging your gadgets and appliances during blackouts. Indoor generators barely make noise, which is perfect for small living areas that need a backup power supply.

Indoor generators help boost productivity, both for children and adult family members who study and work at home. Indeed, the benefits you can obtain from investing in an indoor generator for your home outweigh the upfront cost. Consider the ideas mentioned here before you buy a unit for your household.

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