Tips for Cleaning Your House and Bathroom

Cleaning your house is not an easy task, that’s why professional home cleaning services exist, the stains which you think would be removed just by a single stroke can eat up your 15 to 30 minutes sometimes if you are using the old detergent.
Many people men and women think that weekends are the best days for cleaning their house. which of course is but only when your house is always and regularly cleaned. Which is not the case for majority. Your home accessories can help a lot in keeping your house clean such as bamboo shower mats and rugs for entrance.

You need to adopt to various habits for keeping your place clean. I have observed that we as a race have become very lazy and lethargic. Even I have seen me doing some crazy stuff. Whenever there is something wring, regarding cleaning stuff I do not pay much heed.

I am mostly like, this is my house, no on is going to come and see and say stuff to me, thus, I should not worry much about it. everyone knows that I am a working women so I do not find much time, which is not always the case.

Cleaning Your Bathroom

We all need to understand this that our environment is what reflects our inner world, we need to be very calm and poised in order to work effectively. Otherwise we will not be good at any thing. I have experienced it myself, whenever I am at office and there is some cleaning stuff remaining at home, I am unconsciously stuck to that point. Even if I am thinking to call my friends over, I would be only thinking about the cleaning stuff.

The best time to clean your house is the family day. You can make it all fun when you see your family sitting lazy planning to do something horrible. You can ask your kids and husband for help, actually it would not be help it will be just a family task, explain them that they need to do this with you or you need to this with them.

Making bed

Every morning when you get up you are supposed to clean and set up your bed before you leave for office this will not keep you worried even in office that your room is not all set.
Similarly, at night you need to clean your bed, you may change the bed sheets and set the things in place.

Use bathroom mats

Use bathroom mats
You ought to keep the water in the bathroom only, that is why you must keep some bathroom mats and shower mats in your washroom. They can be of various types, but make sur that the quality is excellent which may absorb moisture as much as possible.

Last to do things after meal

Get some extra tissue papers or napkins at the side of your dining table. You and your family ought to clean the table after every meal. Once in a blue moon you can clean it with the help of a surface cleaner make sure that if your table is of wood you are not using excess of it.

Before going to bed routine

Cleaning the counter top of your kitchen. You only need some wipes and a bit of a stamina. This will keep stains away. You would not be cleaning your kitchen twice a week. Just a simple wipe can save you and your Saturdays.

Dishes and washer

You need to empty and dry the dish washer every day, do it when you are making your morning coffee. This can help you in maintaining the dishes clean and whenever you will be going to wash them there will be no burden of not doing it because the washer is not clean.

Every weekend do a pesticide spray

In your attic and your store room you are ought to do this every weekend, you can use various phenyl pills, for keeping the rats and pests away. This is not a hard thing you just have to do this once a week it will take only 10 to 15 minutes and you are off to go with a healthy and clean house.

Do not pile papers

You need to recycle or sell the old papers as soon as possible. It will include your bills and many other stuff. You ought to give away them and make sure that for your convenience you have got a file or something to pile them up in an easy way.

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