Time for Removal? Find out How to Cheaper Ship Your Things

Are you planning a removal? Or maybe you have just bought used furniture and wondering how much does the shipping cost? Check out how to ship larger items in a professional yet still affordable way.

There are so many companies that offer shipping services. So how can we quickly find the best option for us? The best way is to use a transport online marketplace like Clicktrans.

Clicktrans connects individuals with transport providers who are already making the same route. It means that you just need to list your item (for free) and within the next few hours you will get quotes from transport providers. You can choose the offer that suits you best.

What can you ship with a transport provider?


When you ship a parcel or documents you can choose from a variety of courier companies. There is no problem as long as you follow all couriers’ rules regarding the weight and size of the parcel. However, the problem occurs when you need to organise a house removal or ship something larger such as pallet, furniture, bike or even a car. In that case, the road carriers become a very useful option. They possess delivery cars that ship whatever you need on national and international routes.

That is why at an online marketplace like Clicktrans you can ship anything you want. At Clicktrans there are over 67 thousands verified couriers that specialise in different types of transportation. Clicktrans transport providers specialise, especially in house removals and furniture transportation.

What is important, all couriers at Clicktrans are verified. Clicktrans team verifies company details to ensure the safety of deliveries.

Affordable house removal

House removals are much simpler with a transport provider that will ship all you need to move from one place to another. How to save money during this process? First of all, sell or give away things that you no longer need such as old furniture or clothes that you don’t wear anymore. It will decrease the number of things that a transport provider has to ship. Ultimately, it may lower the price.

You can also pay less if a hired transport company won’t take care of loading and unloading things. However, it is not a recommended option. Moving all your things may be time-consuming and very stressful. Carriers are professionals that know how to safely move heavier things like sofas or house appliances. You don’t want to move any of that stuff on your own. It may cause damage to your things and what is worse – cause health issues!

Another way to save money during removal is to schedule the service for working days. Removal during weekend or holidays is often more expensive. It is better to take a day off at work and take care of moving during a week.

How much does a removal cost?


The price of removal depends on many factors. The most crucial are: the distance, the number of items to ship and the date of the removal. At Clicktrans you will get offers from different transport providers so you can compare them and choose the best one for you. The cost of transportation is usually up to 60% cheaper. It is possible because Clicktrans connects people with carriers who are going this way anyway so they can take your loads and offer a better price.

As an example, the removal from Sweden to Austria cost at Clicktrans around €800-1200. Normally it should cost around €1600-1800.

A better price is not the only advantage of transport online marketplaces. Clicktrans also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to Clicktrans your load can be added to items that are already being transported by a courier. As a result, a transport provider has an opportunity to fully utilise his vehicle which reduces CO2 emissions. As a result, over 30 million kg CO2 wasn’t released to the atmosphere thanks to Clicktrans users.

Clicktrans was founded in 2010. During that time the platform has developed across Europe creating dedicated online services to users from Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Poland. The platform gathers 67:P thousand couriers and over half a million customers! Clicktrans team also write a blog that contains all necessary information about shipping larger things.

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