Three Tips From The Top Pasadena Moverson Getting Your Packing Right For Relocation

Three Tips From The Top Pasadena Moverson Getting Your Packing Right For Relocation

Relocation, regardless of the distance, comes with a long checklist of things to do. This could be a tough ask for a large number of families or individuals planning to relocate. From the packing to the loading, lashing, transportation, unpacking and finally placement at the new location, there are a hundred different things that could go wrong. It is therefore essential to have a plan in place, to ensure that the relocation is smooth and efficient, without any damage to objects. Here are three tips from the top Pasadena movers to help you get started when you plan to pack and relocate.

Arrange All Packing Supplies

This has got to be the first and most important task. Without the right kind of packing supplies, you are most likely to end up with damaged objects and articles. Most individuals who prefer to do the packing themselves without professional help, end up improvising. For instance, the lack of a certain packing supplies may push the individual or the family to make do with something else that is available. This could be some cloth or tarpaulin or rope meant for some other purpose. It is important to have the right kind of packing materials before shifting. Packing materials do not actually cost much. Some of the most commonly used packing materials that are essential include bubble wrap, corrugated boxes and sheets, stretch wrap (plastic), covers for furniture (sofa and mattresses) and plastic bags that come with zip lock or seals.


Prepare Furniture For Packing And Moving

With all the packing material in place, the next step is the preparation of the furniture for packing and moving. This involves taking apart furniture and objects into smaller parts that can be re-assembled on relocation. This is important as it would be virtually impossible to shift your furniture in ‘as is’ condition. The amount of space required for shifting furniture without disassembling would be extremely high, in addition to exposing your furniture to damage. Disassembling requires patience and the right kind of tools. For instance, you may need a powertool to remove the screws effortlessly and quickly. I tis also important to mark various parts of the furniture, so you get the combination right. For instance marking the legs of a bedpost, will ensure that you get the right leg back in its place when re-assembling. This will ensure stability of the furniture.


Lashing The Furniture And Objects In Transit

Lashing the furniture is of utmost importance when you shift to a new location. This will ensure that none of the artifacts, objects and furniture get damaged during transit. Most of the damage during transit is attributed to the lack of lashing. By properly lashing objects in the truck, you will ensure that there is minimal movement which will in turn keep sharp objects from scraping/brushing other objects. Remember the hardness scale of objects differ and a hard object that scrapes against a soft one can cause extensive damage during transit. Therefore choose a relocation agency that has at its disposal trucks that facilitate proper lashing of materials.

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