Take your Time: Think About Your Kitchen Remodel Before You Act

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen you are probably fired up with inspirational ideas about how to create the cooking space and add some features that will give transform the space.

However, it’s a good idea to hold off those plans long enough to carefully think through your options and whether they are going to work when everything is done.

Here are some pointers on what sort of design aspects and considerations you need to discuss and plan before making your final remodelling plans, such as keeping safety as a fundamental feature, what features can be a waste of money, and a warning about the cost of structural changes.

Creating a kitchen that is safe

The bottom line is that you should never consider the idea of prioritizing aesthetic considerations over safety at any point.

You obviously want your kitchen to look stylish and make it as easy on the eye as possible but if you are going to take one main tip from a cross-section of professional kitchen designers it is that your kitchen planning process has to feature safety at the top of your agenda.

This means allowing enough space to move around freely and thinking about height and reach so that you can get to everything easily and safely.

Getting value for money

It is easy to get carried away with extra features and finishes that can quickly eat into your remodelling budget so it makes sense to put together a list of what you want to have and then eliminate the more frivolous or impractical options.

For example, Putting in a second sink could be very useful but will you really make full use of a wine fridge?

Some hardware upgrades and accessories like the ones on this page can make the difference to the look and feel of your room without costing a fortune, so think about how to maximize the value of your total spend.

A good way of making sure you get value for money is to allocate your budget to certain things and then stick to that figure if at all possible. About a third of your spend should be on cabinets and hardware, so if you are going beyond this percentage you might want to rethink your choices if you want to avoid going over budget.

Changing your layout

If you are thinking about removing a wall and shifting the kitchen around you need to be aware that these sort of remodelling ambitions come at a cost.

Keeping your current layout but upgrading what you have is going to stretch your money than if you start knocking down walls and moving plumbing connections and gas lines. If your current layout doesn’t work for you then you may decide that drastic changes have to be made but remember that changing your layout can become very expensive.

Lighting options

The sort of lighting you install in your kitchen and where you place it can make a big difference to the end result of your remodelling project.

LED energy-efficient bulbs can be pricey but they provide great coverage and last for a long time, so consider upgrading your lighting and think about placement so you can work with enough light and turn everything down when you want some dining ambience.

The main thing to remember is to take your time and think through each remodelling decision before you part with your cash.

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