Deciding On The Right Tempur Mattress

It’s something we all need to do and all benefit from. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and a new mattress will guarantee that you’ll sleep like a log. If you’ve decided it’s time to change your sleeping arrangements and have decided on a Tempur Mattress you’ll find you’re no longer restricted to one or two varieties. And even if you haven’t quite decided what type of mattress you need this guide will help you narrow down your choices.

What is Tempur?

A Tempur Mattress is made from highly advanced memory foam which relieves pressure points and supports your entire body regardless of sleeping position. It automatically adjusts to your body weight distribution ensuring no matter how much you toss and turn you’ll always be perfectly comfortable – and hopefully won’t need to toss and turn as much thus ensuring deep, restful, restorative sleep.

Tempur Original

Sometimes the original is still the best and if you’ve had a Tempur mattress before you’ll be glad to know you can still get the same quality and support you’ve come to enjoy and trust. With a thick support layer topped with a thinner comfort layer and laid upon a durable base layer, the mattress will cushion you perfectly for the whole of its ten-year guaranteed lifetime.

Tempur Sensation

If the Original is a little on the firm side for you or you prefer the feel of a good-quality sprung mattress then perhaps the Sensation is the mattress you need. With a slightly softer support layer, it has a medium-firm feel but all the weight distributing and pressure point relieving advantages of the Tempur Memory Foam which makes it superior to the traditional sprung approach.

Tempur Cloud

If you like your mattresses soft and squashy then the Tempur Cloud could be your new friend in the bedroom. With an extra thick comfort layer, it is a medium support mattress. The Tempur foam redistributes your weight making you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud – hence the name.

Tempur Hybrid

The unique feeling of sleeping on a sprung mattress coupled with the amazing space-age weight shifting properties of Tempur Memory Foam is what a Tempur Hybrid Mattress is all about. The clever chaps at Tempur have layered up state-of-the-art micro coil springs with a brand-new type of Tempur Memory Foam, given it a robust base layer and topped it all off with a generous comfort layer. If you can’t decide whether sprung or foam is best then perhaps trying one of these firm support mattresses will help you make up your mind.

Decisions Decisions

If that wasn’t enough to think about each Tempur Mattress Range comes in three different thicknesses.

  • Tempur 21 Mattresses have a soft-touch comfort layer, support layer and base layer and are 21cm deep. They have a washable, removable
  • A cover which makes them ideal if the mattress is used for children or if you like to keep it clean.
  • Tempur 22 Mattresses add a quilted cover which brings the depth up to 22cm. The cover is removable to allow the mattress to air.
  • Tempur 27 Mattresses add an extra base layer to improve the support of the mattress and are 27cm deep.

Tempur Hybrid Mattresses also come in three variants, all with washable covers.

  • Tempur Hybrid Supreme has one layer of micro coils under a comfort layer and a Tempur HM Foam layer and resting on a base layer. It is 21cm deep.
  • Tempur Hybrid Elite has a thicker comfort and foam layer making it 25cm deep.
  • Tempur Hybrid Luxe keeps the thicker comfort layer and adds an extra layer of micro coils to give a superior 30cm deep mattress.

Now you have the low down on Tempur Mattresses, it’s time to make the decision on which one is right for you – which will you choose?

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