Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Finding a happy home will start with a happy relationship with the real estate agent. You need to save yourself of future regret by simply going into thing with the right understanding about how it needs to work. Before you choose a real estate agent to get the Number One Property Singapore, you need to know certain things.

Word of the Mouth Referrals is not Always the Best

Word of the Mouth Referrals

Even though it is a good idea to ask one of your trusted colleagues for some recommendations regarding the real estate agent, it might backfire at times. There are some people who struggle to offer a candid assessment of the real estate agent they have worked with. Other people might not even be interested in helping you out.

Hiring a Relative can be a Mistake

Prior to choosing a family member to act as the agent, you need to consider the downside. In case things do not go well, your relationship with that person might be ruined forever. Hence, you need to be very careful.

Treat Agents Like Job Candidates

Treat Agents Like Job Candidates
Before you select a real estate agent, you have to evaluate just as if you will be hiring them as the employee. You are going to work with them for several weeks and this is going to have an effect on your lifestyle in years to come. The stakes are pretty high if you make the choice without paying much heed.

Delve Deeper Into the Qualification

You need to ask what professional and educational credentials they have earned. Make sure that you ask how long they have worked in this industry and how long they have been living in town. Moreover, you should also ask the kind of property that they deal with and if they handle transaction at your budget.

Local Expertise is Important

The top agent in town might not be the best choice for you if the person has little knowledge of the neighborhoods, price levels, and schools that you would like to focus on. Hence, you need to ask about their sales history and the kind of neighborhoods and home that they have worked previously.

Make Sure the Agent is Tech Savvy

Agent is Tech Savvy
Having several years of experience might prove to be really helpful but not if the technological knowledge of the agent is stuck in the 1980’s. Ask the agent how he/she uses the internet and the various other resources for searching for homes and also to communicate with you.

In case you haven’t signed an exclusive broker-buyer agreement which locks in you in for a certain period of time then you are free to break-up and look for other agents.

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