Things to Know and Do Before Moving



What You Should Be Doing Before Moving

Moving from home to home is one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life, alongside death, divorce, getting married, and trying to organize a family vacation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. See, something like this can be easily turned into a stress-free unproblematic time for you if you have all the information upfront to not run into any issues later in the middle of your move.

Ensuring that you do not put your timetable into complete disarray or miss vital steps will be crucial. One of the first things you will need to do when moving is a change of address with the post office. If you don’t make your USPS address change in a timely fashion, you could easily miss out on essential mail at your new place.

Below are some tips on what to know and do before moving. Let’s take a deep dive so you can be 100% prepared for your upcoming move. Like changing your mailing address and forwarding your mail, there is a slew of other vital tasks as well.

Figuring Out How Much it’s All Going to Cost You


A confusing time for anyone; it’s easy for you to be overwhelmed by the things you need to do when you’re moving from one home to another. The very first thing, once you’ve sold your previous home, of course, is figuring out how much the upcoming move is going to cost you.

Of course, this all depends on how you approach the situation.

Ideally, the only real cost is the moving company you’re going to hire, so you should be researching as much as you can to find the best options in your area, contacting them, and getting them to give you a quote based on the logistics of your move.

Now, of course, you COULD move all the stuff yourself and enlist the help of friends, but my guess is that you probably don’t have a friend who owns a huge truck and who is willing to move your stuff for free.

Make Sure to Find and Hire a Mover

The best way to approach moving is definitely hiring a good moving company in your area to help with moving your goods to your new property. It all really comes down to doing your homework and making sure you’re choosing the right mover.

Look out for previous customer reviews, the company’s overall track record, even your local news outlet may have some information on the company if they’ve been involved in any major dramas over the years, which will help you weed out the bad options.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find reusable plastic moving boxes for your move. For example, you can rent moving boxes in San Diego which can make the whole process much easier and faster.

A tempting option is a DIY move. You could rent a moving truck, but when you start to budget in things like packing supplies, renting moving equipment, and buying moving boxes, the saving may not be as much as you expect.

These costs may even grow if unfortunate damages happen to you or your goods.

So ultimately, I would advise getting a professional to move your goods, but again, make sure you’re doing the research!

Remember to Organize Your Time Beforehand


Having some timetable to know what you’re doing every second of the day will make the whole moving experience much less stressful than it actually ends up becoming.

Take some time to figure out what you need to do day by day. Whether it’s packing boxes, making sure to call the moving company to confirm your time slot, ensuring that the kids can stay with their grandparents while you get everything sorted, or anything else which is essential to your home move going as smoothly as possible.

There are plenty of moving checklists out there on the web for you to quickly copy, adjust and make your own so that you can be better prepared when the time comes.

Save as Much Money as You Can

Moving home will prove to be an expensive affair if you do not organize your budget properly, so you should look for ways to help save money.

Here are a few areas you could very easily save money on:

  • Shopping around for moving services, so you can get the best price possible whilst getting a moving team you can trust.
  • Moving fewer items will help you save. Sometimes, you own things that could easily be given away to charity as they’re simply just collecting dust and do not need to feature in your new home.
  • Pack your own things. There’s no reason to get a professional to help. If you’re concerned that you’re going to pack your items wrong’ then there is plenty of free information on YouTube which can help you.

The obvious reason why you should want to be saving money when you move home is that you can actually use the funds to be put towards more important things, like giving your new home a paint job.

Moving on Your Own Without Help is Challenging

Maybe you’re just an independent person, or you’re naive enough to believe that you don’t need anyone to help you move homes because it’s an easy task. Well, reality will hit you soon enough.

But if you want to avoid having this realization before it’s too late, then trust us when we say YOU’RE GOING TO NEED HELP.

Enlist the help of your loved ones and friends who can easily pack boxes for you or act as a moving manager’ to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible whilst you get on with other tasks.

And of course, don’t skimp out on NOT hiring professional movers. They will save you a world of headaches down the line.

Moving Homes is Still Going to be Stressful

Even if you account for everything and anything that could happen during the moving process, there are still going to be problems that pop up which will put stress on you, even if you read and remember all of the advice we have given in this post, there is no real way of avoiding it.

All you can do is reduce how much you let things get to you by making sure to plan as much as possible and remember the reality that everyone will go through this process too. Hopefully, you have found these moving tips to be useful for your upcoming move.

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