6 Ways to Utilize Your Smartphone to Control Your Home


Smartphone to Control Your Home

Ever wondered what if you can control all the gadgets in your home like Iron Man does? Yes, there are many sci-fi movies that have shown the concept of smart homes. Well, now the concept has become a reality and you can control your home with your smartphone now.

Ever improving modern technology has made it possible to upgrade your home appliances. Those appliances now have powerful chips installed within their metal or plastic body to connect with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Apart from other uses of your smartphones, you can lock/unlock the doors, turn off the stove, or even wash and dry your clothes. Smart gadgets not only help you to save time by speeding up tasks, but they also provide security and even save energy. 

In this article, you will get to know about six ways to utilize your Smartphone to control your home. Let’s dig in!

Smart Lock and Keys

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There’s no need to use the old metal lock and keys to open or close the doors. Upgrading your lock and key can eventually provide a lot more security. This means you don’t need to worry about if you have locked the door or not while you are at your office. Plus, there’s no way that anyone can duplicate your keys to unlock the door when you are not at your home. 

With this upgrade, you don’t need to carry a lot of keys with you everywhere. You can sit anywhere and lock and unlock the doors of your home with your smartphone to let someone enter.

Turn on/off the Oven

Has it ever happened to you that you went to the store to pick up a few things and suddenly you remember that you forgot to preheat the oven? Well, now you need not rush back to your home to do that. Now the Smart Ovens have built-in Wifi, which means you can remotely access it and set the timer for preheating or baking. 

While handling the smart gadgets with your phone, you need to take care of the phone as well. Using a back cover and screen protector is a must. If you think it might cost you extra, you should know that many phone cases are on sale, like the iPhone XR case. These cases are available both online and offline, so don’t compromise on your phone’s physical security and get one.

Light Up Your House

You can light up your house anytime with smart bulbs. These bulbs come with internet connectivity that lets you schedule, control and customize your house’s lighting remotely with your smartphone or any voice-based virtual assistant (Alexa, Echo, etc.). 

You can find a different range of Smart bulbs varying in shapes, sizes and colors. Any light fixture in your home–be it your night lamp or kitchen fixture, you can smarten it with Smart bulbs.

Smart Switch

Although smart bulbs seem such a fantastic upgrade, it is still not possible for everyone to replace all the ordinary bulbs from their home with smart ones. This is because these bulbs are pretty expensive. 

It does not mean that you are unable to enjoy the modern features of technology because you don’t have the budget. You can get a Smart Switch that would be connected with any light (CFL, LED or Smart) in your home, and you can turn the light on or off by remotely controlling the switch.

You can even schedule the lighting to make anyone believe that you are at your home even if you are not.

Home Security System

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One of the best methods to prevent burglary is installing a home security system. Earlier, it was not possible to control it remotely, so people used to turn these off most of the time. Now when mobile controllability is available, you can ditch the old programming control and protect your home.

With the home security system enabled, you will receive instant notification on your phone if anyone tries to burge in forcefully. Even you can give access to enter your house at a scheduled time with temporary digital keys. 

Currently, most of the house security systems are designed to be controlled via smartphones. Ask the service provider about all the latest features before buying a home security system.

Control the Temperature

The newly upgraded Smart Thermostat comes with a smartphone application. Using the same, you can control the temperature of your room without even getting out of bed. Now, as you can control the thermostat from anywhere, you don’t need to come back to your house and have a freezing atmosphere. You can turn on the thermostat before returning to your home and turn it off when you are not at your home. This way, you can save energy and money on utilities.

Even the gadget will alert you if your house’s temperature reaches an extremely hot or cold level.

When the whole world is getting digitalized, it will be foolish if you still consider using the traditional way to handle the appliances in your home. Embrace modern technology to save your time, energy and money.

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