Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Cat Enclosure

Cats are curious by nature. They love roaming the neighborhood, chasing birds, or lazing in the sun. But your neighborhood may not always be safe for your cats. They could fall, get hurt, be chased by dogs, or lose their way. In some countries, they can also become the prey of wild coyotes if left to roam free. Statistics show that indoor cats are likely to live longer than outdoor cats. Hence, it is natural for owners to be reluctant of letting their cats out. However, cat enclosures provide cats with enough room to roam, play around, and have fun outdoors but within an enclosed safe area. With cat enclosures you can let your cat enjoy being outdoors in a secure environment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the best cat enclosure for your furry friends.

Safe and Substantial

It is important to provide indoor cats with the exercise and entertainment that they would normally receive being outdoors. But if you let them roam free all the time, they are likely to go hunting for birds or get into some other trouble. Hence, when buying a cat enclosure you should ensure that it is strong and sturdy. Make sure it’s built with lasting materials like galvanized wire mesh and fitted with proper locks, aluminum frames, cat doors, etc. Also, ensure it has high fencing and curved posts so that your kitty cannot escape easily.
Safe and Substantial

Your Budget and Requirement

The choice for right cat enclosures also depends a lot on your budget and the reason why you need it. If you’re short on cash or space you might prefer window boxes or cat nets that are cheaper and simpler. However, if you have space and the money to spare, you can go for elaborate backyard cat enclosures. They can be simple cat nets or pens with high fencing and curved posts in the backyard. Or you can have custom catios (that are patios especially for cats!) in the front designed especially to suit the needs of your cats.

Indoor or Outdoor Cat Enclosures

The reason you need a cat enclosure and the place where you will keep it are important factors that affect your choices. Cats love nothing more than to roam outdoors, unfettered and undisturbed. But busy schedules and outdoor elements like an unsafe surrounding, stray dogs, or predators often stop owners from letting their cats out.

You can resolve this with outdoor cat enclosures. Alternatively, when you’re hosting a party or having some work done in the house, you don’t want your cats to disturb the guests or get hurt by accident. In such cases, indoor solutions like balcony enclosure or window boxes are a good option.

Design and Decor Preferences

Design and Decor Preferences
Most indoor cats love the creature comforts they get in their homes. But they also enjoy playing outside, bird watching, or simply warming in the sun! Plus, playing outdoors gives them the exercise and stimulation that is necessary for their health.

Cat enclosures are specially designed to provide them with a safe environment that mimics their natural habitat. You can add cat trees, play bars, walking ramps, hammocks, cozy blankets, etc. to let them play freely without getting hurt. Also, you can add catnip, toys, treats, and other accessories to make it a place your cats will love.

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