Things to Consider When Choosing Scaffolding

If you are working on a building project that involves multi-level construction, the first thing that would want to ensure is that you are using reliable, safe and sturdy scaffolding. But before you make the final decision, there are a few things that you must consider. This comes from the leadership position that WSCL Ltd enjoys as the scaffolding firm Southampton.

Training & experience


When you are dealing with scaffolding, you need to take safety seriously. Each of the onsite staff must carry his safety induction card and should be a qualified ticketed scaffolding technician. If a scaffolding structure of over 4 meters is to be used, it must be set up by a ticketed scaffolding technician and he must give a handover certificate before other workers can start using it.

A scaffolding company should have a valid license and ticketed scaffolding staff, who must have necessary insurance coverage so that you don’t have to worry about liability issues at your worksite.

Usually, a scaffolding company will have work going on at many sites in a city and you should take a round of these sites and see for yourself how the scaffolding has been erected and how they operate. If you need to include your worksite in a presentation, you can ask the scaffolding company to use only well-maintained and painted equipment.

The best scaffolding for your job

Scaffoldings come in various sizes and shapes and they are requirement and site-specific. A good company with experienced staff would have access to the best scaffolding solutions for all kinds of needs. They can put together Tube & Fit, Aluminum Towers, Boom-and-Scissor lifts, Full-perimeter Quick Stage, and Two-plank walkway.

You can save some money by asking the scaffolding staff to add pop-up height in place of edge protection.

Steel scaffolding

Steel scaffolding
The scaffolding company should be able to plan the best scaffolding design for your project within the budget you may have. Steel scaffolding works in most situations as it can perform better than aluminum in supporting heavy materials.

Aluminum scaffolding

The scaffolding company you choose for your project should be able to provide and install aluminum towers. An aluminum scaffold is easy to set up over the roof or in tight spaces such as stairwell and life wells.

Access Towers

Your scaffolding company should be able to provide and install many roof-access solutions such as steel or aluminum scaffolding towers. A suitable ladder and stair can be set up for access.

Design or site considerations

The scaffolding company should be ready to take up all kinds of assignments good, bad or ugly. They should not try to wriggle out of complicated repair or extension projects.

They should be able to advise you on important matters relating to scaffolding and ongoing construction. Usually, they have an engineer for an extraordinary situation.

They should also be thinking in terms of money-saving and cost-effectiveness. Their experience should translate into a better job at lower costs.

Final thoughts

The scaffolding company you are planning to engage in for your project should be able to provide satisfactory assistance during the entire period and stages of the contract. For example, it should help you plan and execute the project better quoting and delivering the services. After the work is complete, the company should complete the dismantling swiftly for your project to move to the next stage.

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