Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of a home, not only because of the cozy appeal but because of its architectural significance. It is an essential part of the home structure and renovations will require dismantling the existing space. 

You can plan a kitchen remodel for as low as $5000 or end up splurging over $100,000 if you go for luxury items like high-end granite countertops and upscale lighting fixtures. The goal is to carefully plan everything ahead so that you are not hit with unforeseen costs.

If your looking for kitchen remodeling tips, Build Method Construction has got you covered. Below are some ideas to keep in mind about renovations to the kitchen.

Budget and Time

How long will the project take and whats the average cost of a kitchen remodel? These are the questions to ask before planning a kitchen remodel project and figuring out what’s important to add to your household. 

In today’s era, the final price and time are not carved into stone, as you should also consider potential setbacks that might happen: delays in construction, time coordination with your contractor, and unexpected costs.

Depending on the extent of the project, you may find yourself calculating your kitchen time from two to as many as six months. The duration and cost of your kitchen renovation will depend on a variety of factors.

This can be done easily by establishing an appropriate plan for your renovation and hiring the right general contractors. 

Discover Your Kitchen Personality

Its important to first learn what your style should be and if it fits the size that you are working with. Functionality and quality appliances should be of the utmost importance when personalizing your kitchen.  

Dark colors and tones can tend to shrink the space of your kitchen, while soft shades tend to expand it. Just make sure the color scheme compliments all the appliances and remember that keeping it simple can be very appealing to the eyes.

Spending time visiting showrooms, looking at online galleries, and even getting ideas on Pinterest to help you explore ideas to figure out the best way to decorate your personal space in this high-traffic area.

Take Your Time With The Design Phase

The most exciting part of planning a new kitchen is the design phase. The design phase lets you decide on everything from the layout, new kitchen equipment, flooring, countertop colors, new cabinets, and other amenities to include in your remodel.

But how do you create an amazing kitchen when there are numerous options for kitchen remodel ideas? The answer is to take your time, as the planning should take longer than the actual construction. 

This is where a professional interior designer can bring a lot of value. They can provide valuable advice and recommendations to fine-tune your plan. 

Removing Your Kitchen. Demolition Phase

Once all the design decisions are made it’s time to clean up the existing kitchen. The demolition phase consists of the removal of your current cabinets, flooring, countertops, and kitchen appliances. It usually takes at least a few days to prepare the kitchen for its new look.

It’s important to protect the floors with protective floor covering and plastic sheets to protect the rest of your house from all the dust that will be produced.

Kitchen 1

Marking everything

When remodeling your kitchen, you should always mark all the necessary items that you plan on keeping so that your general contractor is aware. Also, make sure to mark everything from electrical outlets and where electrical appliances are needed so that additional electrical wiring is not required. 

When you pack up your kitchen from all the drawers and cabinets, put aside the necessities that you may need while your kitchen is under construction. Also mark the boxes of what’s left, so that moving back in will be an easy and smooth process.

Keeping The Same Footprint

The most expensive costs of a kitchen remodel can revolve around the parts involved with HVAC, plumbing, and electric components. They are often overlooked and where problems can occur if moved around. Keeping appliances and water fixtures in the same location can save you a lot of time and money. Consider maintaining the flow of your kitchen but updating the feel with an updated look and appliances.

Invest In Quality

Quality materials dont only last longer but they increase the overall value of your home. Generally, they come with longer warranties and lower maintenance.

Take the time to research the appliances you want to get a general idea of costs and what’s available on the market. Local suppliers can often provide better deals than the big home improvement stores.

Clear Line of Communication

Make sure to develop a friendly relationship with your construction team and a clear line of communication with them. Communicate clearly to them about the pros and cons of your kitchen remodel idea. 

The right contractor will provide you with a 3D design during your consultation and they should also provide you with an efficient plan to meet your expectations. This is to ensure an easy project development without unexpected costs and complications. Your budget should be just as important to them as it is to you. 

Increase Storage

The main goal of your kitchen remodel should be to maximize the space with which you’re working with. The way to do this is by taking advantage of your cabinet space, installing hooks to hand items from the ceiling, and mounting shelves on empty walls. 

Installing cabinets that reach the ceiling will give you a lot of additional storage space. Remember that cabinets usually take up more than 30% of a remodel budget.

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