Things to Consider Before Purchasing Leaf Guards

One of the most important things to do as a homeowner is to keep your rain gutters clear. During certain seasons, more leaves and debris fall and clutter up your gutters, which can lead them to malfunction. As a result, you will want to buy a quality leaf guard. The right one will keep your gutter system clear, so it works properly.

The worst thing that can happen to your gutters is a sizable amount of debris getting clogged inside them. Leaves, pine needles, dirt and mud, can cause a huge problem that can result in too slow a flow. If the debris is too large, it won’t drain through the gutters and will instead back upon you. Smaller keeps things flowing much more efficiently.
Contractor adjusting plastic gutter guards to get them to fit.

Occasionally, you probably run into the problem of more massive clumps of debris getting stuck in your leaf guard. However, this is not a severe issue as the right leaf guard can dry out the debris and it will all fall away in no time.

Before installing a leaf guard over the opening of your gutters, you must first check on the amount of debris from any trees that have access to the gutters. If there is a lot of debris, you should get a leaf guard that does not fit over the opening of the downspouts. Instead, you will want something that has a plug at the opening to prevent debris from clogging your gutters. You want the water to be able to flow to eliminate the debris that gets stuck in your downspout, as that will ensure your gutter system always stays clean. Consider a 3×4-inch downspout on your 5-inch gutter for best results. You will experience better water flow and less clogging of your gutters, which will also help you to save precious money in the process.

Generally, nearly all leaf guards will still allow some amount of debris to get into your gutters. The ones that will enable smaller amounts of debris are better suited for warmer areas. However, in colder climates, they tend to build up a bit of ice, which defeats the purpose of them. You will, therefore, want the best gutters for snow and ice.
Leaf Guards
The size of the gutter’s outlet is the key to ensuring that your gutters continue flowing normally. Usually, when a clog occurs, it starts at the outlet and ultimately backs up. If the outlet clogs and no flow is available, the water will then drip through the clogged area, which can lead to the buildup of sediment in your gutters. If there is water flow, the gutters can clean themselves.

Larger outlets can’t accommodate small bits of debris. All that debris will then go down the downspout if there are no sticks and leaves thanks to the leaf guard. One notable benefit of oversized outlets is that they have a higher capacity for draining water.

We hope this post helped you determine whether Leaf Guards are the right choice for your home.

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