Things Critics Consider When Writing A Movie Review

Every single second of a good movie is designed to have an impact on the viewer watching that movie. When you’re talking about well written, well produced and well directed movies, there is nothing which we can call an accident. Every line that the Actors speak, and every little scene of the movie is scripted, so, in theory, there should be not flaws in the movie at all.

Although creating a movie on it’s own is a very daunting task, most of the decisions about the important aspects of a movie are determined by the thinking process and the quality of a production team.

With that out of the way, let’s see some of the most important things that the critics use to break down a movie and write down movie reviews(รีวิวหนัง). You too can use them to see if a certain movie is worth watching or not.



On the set of a movie, we can consider the director as a leader who hires everyone else in the set to fulfill his vision. But directors aren’t in control of everything technical that goes into the production of a movie. The main work and role of a director comes forward in important points like in the key turning points of a movie.

Directors envision a scene first, direct it, and then see if that scene went according to their envision or not. If the answer is no, the director might go into problem solving mode, he talks to the actors, choreography experts, and any other persons who might be responsible for the error.

Assessment Of Cinematography

A cinematographer is the creative head who’s tasked with filming the scenes right according to the expectations of the director. The things a reviewer usually looks for is whether the camera was used in the right way, and if adequate lighting was present to showcase all the details in a particular scene or not.

The Quality Of Writing

One of the most important things that a reviewer usually assesses when writing a review is the quality of writing. Most of the films written to date follow a structure of beginning, middle and the end. The reason why this structure is the most followed one is because it is comparatively easier to tell stories this way, and any story falling out of this structure would be difficult, if not impossible to tell.



The end result of a movie is in the hands of the editor that makes all the final changes and gets the movie ready for the big screen. A good editor has the potential to exclude any poorly filmed parts of the story.

Without proper editing, the movie fails to attain a rhythm that the viewer might enjoy witnessing. That’s why movies with poor editing are usually poorly rated too.

Did The Actors Perform Well?

Actors are the most important part of a movie. No matter how good a production team, editors and cinematographers you might have, it all actually comes down to the quality of acting at the end. People usually follow certain actors and they’ll watch any movie that they showup in.

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