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The Windows Of Future Generations: Fiberglass Windows

Beechworth Windows aims at giving the best services for ages which have now become a tradition. We consider every minute aspect of home decoration and provide long lasting and efficient products to your home.

The customer-centric service and high-quality products have only helped us to serve 8 million homes worldwide along with our family of 2500 people and continuously expanding for 130 years. We have the primary goal in giving the best performance and longevity to products for which we have designed materials such as fiberglass pultrusion technique. We assure you that every product that reaches you is rigorously tested in our high-end R&D labs and highly expertise scientists who know every bit of their products.

Beechworth Windows make each window as per our customer demand which makes our r product highly precise your requirement and along with that energy efficient which helps you to cut your energy expenses.

We at Beechworth Windows not only deliver you excellent product but also take care of our delivered product, whether its glass we take care of it for 20 years after delivery and in case if it’s extreme; accessories then we would take their care for 15 years as this quality has made our special position in regards to our years friendly customers.

Fiber Glass Windows:


Windows are an inseparable part of our life, they act as a veil to us and protect us from unwanted heat currents, chilling breeze, and that unwanted shows of rain and even lighten our mood when we want to get some breezes. Wood has been utilized since decades to serve us for this purpose when as temperatures and surrounding condition some types of wood need way more protection in order to serve the purpose which ultimately leads it tools its hallmark of durability.

Fiber glass succeeds these drawbacks very smartly as it has no effects of water and temperatures fluctuations on it, requires low maintenance as compared to vinyl, stiffer and lighter compared to wood. The development in fiberglass windows brings durability along with the aesthetic value to the product.


When comparing the cost to benefits ratio, fiberglass is about 25%costly than vinyl windows whereas about half the price of aluminum clad wooden frames is existent. At Beechworth Windows we aim at providing products which are smarter and efficient and can be installed in minimum labor cost, so they also come in DIY or manual installations.

Are Fiber Glass Windows Right For You?


  1. As fiber glasses totally inert to moisture and rainy condition so there arises no fear of corrosion, swelling, shrinking.
  2. Temperature inert: there is no effect of heat or cold in fiberglass so it maintains its dimension which leads to no effect in changes in dimension.
  3. More glass and fewer frames: through this, we get to know that Beechworth Windows fiberglass windows come with high glass resisting resins which makes them less bulky and efficient.


  1. Fewer options: the efficiency hinder fiberglass to fetch more Variety and designs in it so there are fewer options for customers to make them look attractive.
  2. Harder to find: as very less producer produces a product of high quality, so it becomes quite narrowed away for the customer to get fiberglass windows.
  3. Sensitive to UV: the most prominent drawback on can face while using fiberglass window used that they turn chalk when exposed t sunlight. There becomes a necessity to use a special type of resins to cover fiberglass which would be better when thicker.

Beechworth Windows Offers In Mostly Fiber Glass Windows From Three Ways

  1. All fiber glass
  2. Wood interior
  3. Hybrid

Improving The View:

Fiberglass has gone through great transformations in terms of looks as there exist no longer the old traditional Jane vinyl looks. Transformations have been made in terms of coating, colors, curves, combination and energy performance.

  1. Coating: the best fiberglass windows come with Beechworth Windows as we give our products which are factory finished. The factory finished provides moiré stiffness and toughness which is even resistant to UV radiation damages.
  2. Colors: once there was a time when fiberglass window was only available in white color, but since the time has changed and we get to find them in a variety of colors even on inside and outside of the window. On contrary to that they can be easily painted as in like wood.
  3. Curves: gone are the days when we use to get fiberboard in the form of plain sheets, but today we can prepare high grads fiberglass windows in the arch and curved shapes.
  4. Combination: the products at Beechworth Windows are prepared mind customer needs and so our products don’t require any kind of combination on sit, as they are ready to install.
  5. Energy Performance: the most beneficial property of fiberglass is its robust design and environment-friendly nature. These fiber boards are designed in order to maintain temperatures consistency and prevent extra expenditure on energy bills.

The Competition Products To Fiber Glass Windows

1) Vinyl

plastic vinyl window
plastic vinyl window

Vinyl being manufactured through extruded [plastic which ultimately makes it the most inexpensive material; forth window. The drawback that comes with vinyl is that it turns brittle with the time whereas fiberglass maintains its toughness along the time. The frames and sashes have thin fragile walls which cannot be repaired again.

2) Wood Cladding:
These high-end wood windows come with a layer of metal or vinyl on the outside as in to protect from the environment. This cladding of metal reduces maintaining expenditure of windows but kind of escalates the financial derivative from your pocket.

3) Aluminum Cladding:
The specialist of aluminum is it is a lightweight and heavy performance which actually meets its quality with fiberglass. The most disadvantage of using aluminum is its conducting property which ultimately takes that heart i9nmyour room to the outside chilly environment. This type of windows is most preferable in mild climates

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