The Top 3 Reasons Why Homeowners Blow the Leaves off Their Lawn


Homeowners Blow the Leaves off Their Lawn

What are the top reasons why homeowners blow the leaves off their lawn? This is an important question that has been asked by many people. Some leaves, like the ones from red maple trees, usually look very pretty just lying in the yard. Furthermore, they are natural, which is a good thing, right? While this may be true, you might wonder why your neighbors are always out there during the fall season using a leaf blower or raking leaves every day when fall hits. Could your neighbors know something that you probably don’t? Well, removing leaves from a lawn is not just meant to make your lawn look pristine, but it’s vital to the health of your lawn. You can visit the website of YardCare.Life to learn more.

The following are reasons why it’s important to blow leaves off your lawn:

1. Dead Leaves Invite Diseases And Pests

Dead Leaves Invite Diseases And Pests
While it might be tempting to allow leaves to fall onto your lawn and pick them all at once to save labor and time, this can ultimately damage your lawn in the long run A layer of dead leaves can easily invite diseases and pests, including dead patches and molding grass and hence preventing essential nutrients from reaching you grass and keeping it healthy. If left lying around longer, the dead grass can prevent new grass from properly growing.

In the same way that there are seasonal shrubs and flowers, there is also seasonal grass. There are some specific grasses that actually do better in the cool, fall weather and eventually become stronger, but dead leaves can significantly weaken the grass and also its roots. Although the grass might not die during spring, it may not have enough strength to make it during the hot summer weather temperatures if it does not get sufficient fall nutrients.

2. It’s healthier for the lawn

Leaves left lying on the lawn can block out sunlight and ultimately hurt your lawn’s life. Technically, too much shade has been found to harm the grass; therefore, with a layer of dead leaves lying around your lawn, the sunlight cannot reach the grass and can end up dying in the long run.

One of the most important factors to remember in regards to leaf clean up and removal is the level of maintenance and care that you need to take to ensure that your grass gets sufficient sunlight and nutrients during fall. This can only be mitigated through regular removal of grass from your yard. Furthermore, leaves left lying around can smoother the new grass mainly because they lay on it and block sunlight which is essential for proper growth and health. Leaves usually turn energy from sunlight to food which is vital for the grass during winter.

3. Accumulated Leaves Trap Moisture In The Yard

Accumulated Leaves Trap Moisture In The Yard
Accumulated leaves usually trap moisture in the lawn and can eventually create issues with the fungus that can result in root rot and a crown on the lawn. Severe problems with the fungus can be very challenging to treat. Finally, homeowners blow leaves off their lawns because wet leaves in the driveways and sidewalks can be slippery and lead to accidents.

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