Conservatories Rebranded for the 21st Century Home


21st century home

In recent times, conservatories have suffered a bit of a bad press, too hot in the summer, freezing in the winter and hard to keep clean, they have rather lost their lustre in favour of the growing trend of garden rooms and glass wall extensions.

But conservatories have had a bit of a makeover and are back with a vengeance with some new design features which combats the criticisms of old but majors on all the plus points. Top amongst conservatory moans were the traditional glass roofs. Now, there is a uPVC tiling alternative which not only looks fabulous but deals with all the problems and drawbacks associated with the traditional glass look.

uPVC tiles are completely weatherproof so no more annoying leaks. They cut down on too much light and glare so keeping a more pleasant ambient temperature in the summer months. There is no need for any acrobatic cleaning routines and you can ditch the roof blinds so saving yourself a whole heap of expense.

A uPVC roof will keep you draught free and reduce that pesky condensation which looks so unattractive and is very difficult to clear at height. Acoustics will improve and there is a noticeable amount of noise reduction. Match your current roof tiles or slates and effectively create the look of an extension without the hassle and cost and with all the advantages that a conservatory can offer.

What are the other advantages of uPVC tiles and slates?

What are the other advantages of uPVC tiles and slates

  • All tiles and slates come with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer
    Upgrade your existing conservatory and create a totally new look
  • A traditional roof on a new build conservatory may keep the local authority happier particularly if you are in a conservation area or working with a listed building
  • If you still want to let in some light and ventilation then you can fit Velux windows as part of the design
  • uPVC tiles are lightweight and so don’t need a solid structure of brickwork to bear the load, not the case with the real thing. Just pop them straight onto the top of an existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory
  • They are low maintenance and quick and easy to replace if you need to

The dreaded planning permission

It used to be the case that conservatories were planning permission exempt if a defined percentage of the roof was clear glass in order to keep it within the definition of a conservatory rather than a solid extension to the property.
The dreaded planning permission
Nowadays, building regulations have changed and you should be able to alter your clear glass or polycarbonate roof for a solid one without attracting any interest from the local authority. A competent conservatory installer should be up to date with the latest legislation but you can always check this out with the council or have a scan of their website to find out the latest guidance and direction.

uPVC tiles could transform your conservatory stylistically creating something really good-looking but also giving you a much more practical space to work with too.

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