The Purpose and Benefits of Balancing Airflow

The Purpose Of Balancing Airflow

If you have spots in the home which is warmer or colder than others are, air balancing can correct such airflow issues and distribute the temperatures evenly throughout. The process involves testing and changing an existing HVAC system to offer an optimal flow of air conditioning to all the spaces in a building. Air balancing is an integral part of planning significant commercial construction projects; however, the same principles can be applied to apartment buildings and individual homes. Not only does air balancing improve comfort levels in the summer months, but it can also enhance the efficiency of the air conditioner, reduce wear on the HVAC components as well as lower energy bills.

HVAC Issues That Can Be Diagnosed With Air Balancing

HVAC Issues That Can Be Diagnosed With Air Balancing

By merging and analyzing data from the tests, HVAC professionals will obtain a clearer picture of your system’s performance levels. They can produce a virtual map of the airflow and comfort balance throughout the building. This can assist with pinpointing temperature fluctuations and locate the underlying issue. When it comes to air conditioning repair, HVAC problems that can be identified with air balancing inspection includes:

  • Ductwork with piercing turns
  • Blockages
  • Loose duct joints
  • Exceptionally long ductwork
  • Ducts that are undersized
  • Perforated or broken air ducts

Resolutions For Air Balancing Problems

Resolutions For Air Balancing Problems
Boosting the air balance in your office or house can be as simple as altering the control devices or fan speeds and thermostats. The HVAC technicians may suggest installing dampers or correcting the current ones to achieve the anticipated airflow.

If technicians establish that airflow is imbalanced due to a problem with ducts, they will liaise with the property or homeowner the appropriate course of action to repair it. The solution may be to merely seal or insulate the ducts. It is advisable to patch or replace any air conditioning ducts that have holes, have collapsed or are otherwise damaged. Loose duct joints are repairable by sealing or refitting the junction.

HVAC system design defects, like inadequately sized ducts or ductwork, which is too long, may need more omnipresent modifications. An extensive redesign is probably not the practical solution, but it may be feasible to retrofit the layout of selected ducts to stabilize the airflow of air conditioning.

Benefits Of Air Balancing

Benefits Of Air Balancing
Escalating Energy Efficiency

The performance of an HVAC system is directly linked to airflow. Uneven airflow in an office or home results in the system working harder. By repairing the issues inhibiting a balanced airflow, you can ensure that the energy used for cooling the air is not wasted.

The Prolonged Life Expectancy Of Your HVAC Equipment

Good airflow lowers the volume of mold, dust, and build-up that tends to collect in your air conditioning and heating system in time. This, in conjunction with the ensuing enhanced efficiency of even airflow, means that your HVAC system can last for many more summers.


Effective air exchange allows for improved air quality by lessening the amount of pollen, mold spores, and dust in the air.

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