The Luxury Outdoor Furniture Your Business Needs And Why It’s So Important

There are many reasons why you, as a business owner, should be investing in luxury outdoor furniture, but the bottom line is because, ultimately, it’s better for your bottom line. We take a look below at what you need and why you need it.

Changes Due To Covid

The pandemic pretty much changed how we go about doing everything, and this includes how we conduct business. With an emphasis on maintaining space between individuals and groups and the importance of fresh air, many pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants are either opening new outdoor seating areas or expanding the provision they already have.

With this in mind, try to replicate the look and ambiance of your indoor spaces in your outdoor areas. Choose similar style outdoor versions of the restaurant furniture you use in your main dining space to create a cohesive customer experience. Don’t forget to choose some commercial umbrellas, too, in colors that match your overall scheme.

The outdoor seating section of a restaurant or bar is often the first impression that a guest will have of your business, so make sure it offers the best one possible by buying good quality, durable furniture, ensuring it’s kept meticulously clean, and by regularly checking for any damage such as tears to the upholstery.

Offices could consider making some changes, too, to help ensure staff safety and peace of mind. Indoor meeting rooms could be switched for outside spaces for meetings, conferences, and break-away group discussions, where weather permits, and investing in some large, functional outdoor tables and chairs for a courtyard or other appropriate open space is a great idea that staff will appreciate.

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Encourage In Visitors And Impulse Buys

Retail businesses, too, would be wise to incorporate luxury outdoor furniture into the area directly outside their shop-front. A couple of comfy-looking seats or outdoor bar stools and tables can be a great way to encourage in passing trade that may not otherwise have stopped by. People tend to attract people, and the sight of folk resting and chatting outside your shop will create an effective pull.

High quality outside furniture is also a great way to offer your visitors some convenience: a group of shoppers may include some members who would prefer to stay outside: in these times if the shop is busy, those that consider themselves to be vulnerable will no doubt appreciate a comfy place to sit while waiting for other members of the group to browse rather than simply standing nearby. 

Luxe Deluxe

Adding an outdoor space with an indulgent, luxurious vibe has the potential to elevate your entire business. Consider turning a small garden area, a courtyard, or an unused section of lawn beside your building into a glamorous sanctuary for your customers or clients. This can be especially effective for businesses like spas, boutique retail outlets, and hotels. To create the look, think about using outdoor sofas with removable, plush cushioning, rustic style low wooden tables, and a selection of planted, oversized terracotta pots. Add a water feature, outdoor heating, and a partially covered area, and set out a pile of cozy blankets for your clients as a finishing touch.

Try to carry the theme, or overarching ethos, of your business into this outside space. For example, if sourcing locally is an important element of your operation, then try to incorporate some decorative accessories or furniture made by a local tradesperson into your design. 

Perfect Patios

If you’re struggling with very limited outdoor space or a difficult area in terms of size, then purchasing a few simple, good-quality classic bamboo or rattan patio chairs is a great option in terms of approaching the space you have flexibly. This allows you to add to your outdoor furniture over time, safe in the knowledge that these styles of chairs are timeless and likely to match with most themes.

For very small areas, a pair of patio chairs, spaced an appropriate distance apart, with a string of outdoor fairy lights hung on a nearby wall, is all you need to create a beautiful open-air nook that your customers will love…and is therefore likely to keep them shopping for longer.

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Show Love To Your Staff, Customers, and Business

Incorporating some luxury outdoor furniture – on whatever scale – is only ever going to serve your business well. Giving your staff an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable outdoor area for breaks or meetings will be appreciated: and a happy workforce normally translates into a happy growth forecast.

Providing a beautiful, quirky, or cozy outdoor seating area for customers and clients helps to promote a positive image of your business: as well as appearing to be more welcoming if you tie your interior theme to that of the exterior area, your whole operation will look more cohesive and professional. 

And, of course, providing outdoor areas for customers and staff is an essential element of helping to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

Choose from a selection of high-quality outdoor furniture items, and don’t forget to assure yourself of factors like superior durability and comfort, and then enjoy seeing the wide range of benefits to your business that result.

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