The Latest Innovations In The Cabinetmaker Space In Relation To Protecting The Environment

With the advancement of technology, everything around us, from the smallest, has changed rapidly. And so is the cabinet industry. From the rudimentary clay boxes that took up a lot of space, nowadays, we can store all items in the kitchen thanks to modern cabinets.

This breakthrough is due to many innovations that have changed the cabinet industry. Now let’s go back in time and recall the four most important innovations in kitchen cabinet making.

Four Most Important Innovations In Kitchen Cabinet Industry

Soft Close Hinge


The hinge has a fairly simple structure

Today, most of us get accustomed to the hinges because they appear everywhere. But when hinges were initially invented, they revolutionized the cabinet of that time. 

You may be surprised to know that hinges were first used to transport big items with huge weights like stones or walls. Archaeologists claimed that these inventions appeared in 1600 BC. They were found in the ancient city of Hattusa, in the Hittite empire (Turkey) in the Bronze age.

Lately, the Romans are the first people who applied hinges to household storing.

In simple words, a hinge is a type of engineering tool designed to bridge doors to other permanent objects. The hinge has a fairly simple structure, which usually has a fixed bar and the other one that can be moved to change the opening of the door. 

The door and fixture are connected by a rotating shaft fixed on the hinge. Current hinges are made from a variety of materials, but metals such as iron, steel, or stainless steel are more favorably used as they are durable, thereby reducing the amount of waste released into the environment. 

Thanks to the hinges, we can minimize unnecessary damage during use and increase the longevity of cabinets.


slider is also an important item to the even today cabinet

Apart from hinges, the slider is also an important item to today’s cabinet. Before the introduction of sliders in 1960, most drawers used friction to open and close, which created a lot of difficulties for the users. 

Drawers in the past were often easy to get stuck after a period of use, especially when there were many heavy items in them. To open and close, the users had to use remarkable forces.

In 1966, the advent of sliders made it a lot easier to use drawers. The design of a slider includes the bars and the rollers. Currently, there are many types of sliders on the market. Their common point is that they reduce noise and impact force significantly compared to the original design.

Hidden Cutting Boards

The hidden cutting board in the kitchen brings you many benefits

Unlike sliders and hinges, the Hidden cutting board did not make much change in the cabinet industry. However, owning a Hidden cutting board in the kitchen brings you many benefits.

Setting this item gives you more space to manipulate the counter. Cutting cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients on a hidden cutting board is convenient.

Many people think that these cutting Boards were invented in recent years. In fact, they have been around since the 1940s in the baker’s kitchens.

They used them as places for kneading and preparing dough to make bread. Later, it was improved to a cutting board.

Usually, these cutting boards are made of wood. However, they should only be used to cut vegetables. It would help if you did not use them for cutting meat. These cutting boards should not be washed as often as they can easily develop bacteria and mold.

We have a little tip for those of you planning on building a cutting board like this. Let’s try using a solid maple board. Maple is not only known as a hard, durable wood, but it also has antibacterial ability.

Storage Drawers

Storage drawers make the kitchen more neat and beautiful 

Nowadays, everyone likes to design their house, especially the kitchen. And one of the inventions that make the kitchen more neat and beautiful is the storage drawers.

In the past, housewives used to store kitchen utensils in kitchen closets. However, things gradually become overwhelming when there are too many kitchen appliances such as grinders, pots, and pans. That is the reason why storage drawers are introduced.

These are cabinets designed specifically for each kitchen. The boxes are integrated with utensils to hold most kitchen items such as knives, cups, chopsticks, saucepans, pots, grinders, making it extremely convenient to pick up and store.

Thanks to this innovation, the kitchen items are neatly arranged and covered with cabinets to make your kitchen space more modern and elegant.

In this article, we only mention four inventions that have made a big difference in the development of the cabinet. Of course, there are thousands of other inventions that have helped humans achieve today’s modern kitchen. We, who inherit and use these inventions lately, give our deep thanks to the people who created them.

If you are planning to build a new kitchen or upgrade a kitchen used for many years at home, today we introduce you to a company named Ebeniste Gatineau Boisjoli, which uses these innovations in its operations. With years of experience in the market, they are the ones who can guarantee you a great kitchen space at the most reasonable price.

In A Nutshell

This end of our article “innovations in the cabinetmaker.” To sum up, the cabinet industry has changed dramatically from ancient times thanks to thousands of innovations. 

The four most important things are hinges, sliders, hidden cutting board, and storage drawers. And Ebeniste Gatineau Boisjoli is a reliable company in making cabinets that include these innovations.

Thank you for your time!

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