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The Importance of Selecting a Home Security System That Suits Your Specific Needs

Homeowners across the country understand the importance of choosing the right home security system. According to statistics, homes without home security are four times more likely to suffer from a security event than those with them. By detecting intruders using a variety of sensors, a home security system can protect you, your family, and your belongings. To ensure you get the best home security system, here are some things to consider when choosing one.

Cater to Your Needs

What is sufficient for one homeowner might not be sufficient for you. You might want to consider a system that protects more than the interior of your home, especially if there is a high crime rate or a lot of property damage in the area. It is best to have both exterior and interior coverage.

You should choose a system with advanced features if your security requirements are extremely specific. You can get more info on one of the top security systems on the market through the linked review. The article discusses various security technologies they have available. Infrared technology is used to detect intruders as well as their movements. Some systems include video monitoring that allows you to see what’s happening on your property even if you’re not there.

High-Def Cameras

Choosing a camera that provides the best video feed is another important consideration. High-definition and multiple camera setups are the most common type of systems that homeowners use.  Security cameras must have a clear vision and a crisp picture to be effective. Night vision is another option for these cameras.  Infrared capabilities are also available on some cameras that can be used during the day.

High-Def Cameras

Location, Location

It is important to consider the location of your home security system. Sensors and contacts should be placed where your main door and windows are largest. If someone tries to force your main door or window open, you will be able to detect them. A security camera should be installed whenever there are motion detectors are being used. 

The Layout of Your Home

There are many factors to consider when it comes down to the layout of your apartment or home. A security system should match the design and perimeter of the structure. A wireless system may be more efficient if your home has multiple levels. Wireless systems can be installed almost anywhere, which makes it more convenient for multi-level dwellings.

Why Go Wireless? 

Wireless systems are also convenient because they can be used with routers. This makes for a much cleaner install, and you can ensure the entire duration of your house is covered without worrying about a lack of wire length. 

These wireless systems can also be synced with your smartphone or tablet. When you’re not home, the wireless system is online via the routers that were installed. This allows you to monitor from work and anywhere else on the road. 

The ability to monitor from remote areas becomes especially important if you have children or teenagers that end up being home alone. Many of these systems also allow you to communicate with them through audio feeds. Speaking of children, it’s also important that you avoid any unwanted calls to service workers or accidental alarm trips. 


Child Proof

You should choose the alarm that is best for your children if they are home alone. However, it’s also important that the system has a feature that guards against younger children accidentally engaging in the emergency system. You should use one alarm for your house instead of multiple interfaces being installed throughout the home. This leaves less potential for children to have the ability to push buttons on the touchpads.

You can even install specific systems that don’t have interfaces that can be engaged from the wall area. Ask the technician if it’s possible to install a strictly controlled system from your smartphone or tablet. 


The cost is also an important consideration when choosing a home security system. You will be responsible for a monthly or yearly payment for as long as the system is installed.  

You should shop around to find the best deal. Certain companies offer a substantial price difference between wireless and hard-wired systems. While wireless certainly is more convenient, you may want to consider a hard-wired system if it costs less.   Asking for a free trial is a good idea, as this can save you up to a month’s worth of service costs. 

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing to pay the yearly premium rather than monthly. Many companies will offer a homeowner a substantial discount if they pay the premium for the entire year. If it’s in the budget, this is a great way to save money on the security system

Finding the best security system for your home doesn’t have to be a stressful task. The most important things to keep in mind are the layout and design of your home and who will need to access the interface to control specific functions. Remember to keep children in mind as well.

Check with different sources and companies for specific events and new member signups. Search different security companies on Google and sign up for the e-mail newsletters. Sometimes this can give you access to promos they run. 

By doing some homework, you can accomplish the two most important tasks when it comes to a home security system. You will find a perfect match that suits your home and family, as well as tap into much-needed savings by watching  sales and promotions. 

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