The Importance of Bright LED Lights at Construction Sites

In a construction area, proper lighting is more than just important—it can be a matter of life or death. You can reduce virtually any danger with bright LED lighting, just as you can exacerbate a dangerous situation with insufficient lighting. Due to traffic, building use, and other concerns, most construction sites operate at night, making improved visibility that much more important. Let’s explore why you should use LED lighting for a construction site and how to employ them safely.

Enhanced Visibility is Crucial

Your first consideration should be maximum coverage area and bright, efficient lighting for your construction site. AEON LED provides the brightest LED floodlight luminaires that offer glare-free illumination to prevent accidents and increase visibility. These floodlights also have optimized color rendering to mimic natural sunlight regardless of the time of day, which improves visual comfort and maximizes safety.

Think About Portability

Once you have a durable, bright light source, consider how you’ll apply it to a portable construction site. Draft a plan for portable lighting towers, including how they’ll be maneuvered. You can tow the towers individually, or add them to a trailer. Don’t forget to consider an adjustable tower so that you can extend or retract it based on construction needs. AEON LED Luminaires are perfect as they are compatible with portable power distribution, even on extended light towers.

In addition, an independent power source is a key to most construction sites, especially on roadways or other hard-to-reach locations. You’ll need integrated generators with an extended life to last your job from start to finish. Generators also prevent unforeseen issues like a power outage from affecting the duration of your work.

Use Durable Materials

You don’t want a luminaire to fail you in the middle of a project, as that will inevitably result in more and more delays to maintain or replace the equipment. AEON LED Flood Light Luminaires have an extended lifespan to help you get the job done without worry. They are also made of industry-leading, high-quality materials to stand up against the wear-and-tear of rugged areas and constant movement, so they’ll stay in great shape long after the job is done.

Create a Lighting Blueprint

Here’s where you’ll put your plan into action to increase worker safety. Consider the different areas that need lighting and their varying degrees of priority. Plan to concentrate the majority of your lighting directly in areas that need a high level of visual accuracy or are primary safety concerns. Keep this area illuminated within a minimum of 20 lumens per square foot. Areas surrounding construction equipment should be maintained at a minimum of 10 lumens per square foot, and areas where crews are moving from spot to spot but not concentrating work efforts should be illuminated to 5 lumens per square foot, minimum.

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