The Different Types of Deck


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A deck serves several purposes throughout its lifetime which is why many people wish to get a deck installed in their outdoor space. Since there are several types of decks in the market, it is easy to get confused. Knowing what options you have and the difference between them can help you out. 

For instance, knowing the difference between composite decks and wood decks will let you know which suits your outdoor space the best. Wondering what options you have available? Below we have made a list of the most common types of decks available.  

Wraparound deck

A wraparound deck is much like an old-fashioned wraparound porch. The only difference is that a wraparound deck is much more uneven and looks more like a room. Further, part of such decks can be larger and they tend to be slightly elevated. 

There are several benefits that a wraparound deck provides:

  • You get more extended living space
  • Wraparound decks assist the air circulation throughout your home
  • Such desks allow you to follow sun/shade throughout the day


Multi-tier desk

Also known as a two-story deck, these desks are perfect for people possessing a large property. As the name suggests, these decks will allow you to have different levels of decking that will be connected. You can choose the connections to be both stairs as well as paths.

If your property has slopes, hills, or a rocky landscape, then this deck is perfect for you. Moreover, a multi-tier deck maximizes your space along with creating different levels. Thus, adding a strong visual appeal to your property.

Attached deck

Attached decks also provide additional living space. Further, these decks are similar to a patio. You can choose between a wooden deck or a wood composite deck as these are the best decking materials available. These decks are commonly slightly raised and attached to the back of either an L-shaped or U-shaped house. 

To add more benefits, you can go with an overhead roof to get more shade during the day.

Detached deck

A detached deck gives the appearance of an island as it can be placed anywhere on your property. For instance, you can position a detached desk in between your garden. A pathway or stairs connect the deck with your usual living space. This deck is perfect for people who wish to experiment with their space.


Moreover, this deck can be built over areas with poor drainage, uneven terrain as well as bumpy rocks. Going for a detached deck helps you create an area where you can relax. 


Apart from all the different types of decks offered above, you can also go for a rooftop deck. The key to getting one of the best decks is being as imaginative as possible. You can always check for references and take inspiration from the internet. Then, you can communicate your ideas to the professional you are working with.

That was all! Now you know the different types of decks available. Make sure you consider all of these options while choosing your deck!

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