The Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Problems


Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning units have been in demand throughout the world. Data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) revealed that this could even increase by 244 percent from 2016 until 2050.

According to Statista, there were around 1.6 billion AC units worldwide in 2016. The report further disclosed that 90 percent of the households in the United States have an AC.

In Tucson, AZ, which features more hot days than cold days, AC units are common among households. You also need emergency air conditioning repair Tucson on your speed dial when you need quick fixes or maintenance.

Common Problems of AC Units

Common Problems of AC Units
What could be the most common reasons why an air conditioning system breaks down? Among them are the following:

•The filters are full of dirt. When your air conditioning unit is not serviced at least once annually, there is a considerable chance that dirt and dust will accumulate. The different parts inside the system could be covered with these tiny particles, which may cause the AC system to malfunction.
•The refrigerant is leaking. When there is a problem with your air conditioning unit, and a refrigerant leak is detected, it has to be fixed right away. It could be the most common reason why the AC system is not running efficiently. It might not only affect your unit’s performance. It may also be hazardous for your health and the environment.
•The evaporator coil is covered with refrigerant. If your AC unit is experiencing a refrigerant leak, your evaporator coil could be affected. When this happens, this part may become frozen, affecting the AC system’s efficiency. Therefore, you must call up a reliable technician whenever you need an emergency air conditioning repair Tucson.
•The fan is not blowing correctly. Your AC system’s fans are responsible for the excellent performance of your evaporator and condenser. If one of these does not work well, your unit’s performance drops.
•The thermostat is not correctly calibrated. When the unit’s thermostat is not calibrated accordingly, the control system fails to “give” the correct instructions to the entire AC system. In short, you do not enjoy the right temperature you want.
•The drain system is clogged. The drain system consists of a drain line that removes the moisture in the air; a pan that catches the removed moisture; and, a drain that completes the process. When one of these is clogged, the AC unit’s performance is affected.
•The sensor is malfunctioning. In case there are problems with your air conditioning system’s sensor, it can no longer function well, thus, releasing warm air. This usually happens when the sensor is not in its proper place. You have to keep in mind that the sensor must not touch the evaporator coil for it to function properly.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

How Long Does a Repair Take
The amount of time spent on repairing an AC system depends on what part is broken. It could take anywhere from 4 to 14 hours. Nevertheless, if your technician is highly skilled, the process would be quicker.

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