7 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Won’t Make the Space Look Crammed


Small Bathroom Storage

Are you running out of space to store supplies in your small bathroom? You’ll love these innovative small bathroom storage ideas.

There’s nothing so claustrophobia-inducing as a tiny bathroom.

Let’s face it: We’ve all been in one. It’s the kind of bathroom you can’t turn around in. You can barely get from the toilet to the sink without doing some fancy footwork and getting rewarded with bruised shins.

If you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom, it’s unfortunate, but not unlivable. You can make the most of your space with these ingenious small bathroom storage ideas. Some are simple fixes, others are downright overhauls.

Find out which one’s right for your home.

1. Over-The-Toilet Cabinet

Who says the throne must stand alone?

The wall behind your toilet isn’t sacred space–unless it’s used in a productive way, that is. Why not stash away some of your toiletries right above the toilet itself?
Over-The-Toilet Cabinet
You can hang a shelf on the wall directly above your toilet. For a less involved project, you can place a small wicker basket on top of your toilet tank, or you can do the same with a small wire rack.

Whether it’s enough room to hold your wide array of perfumes, or just enough space for some potpourri and an extra toilet paper roll, a bit of storage above the toilet goes a long way in a small bathroom.

2. Medicine Cabinet and Mirror Combo

If you’ve ever lived in a home with a large bathroom, you might’ve been spoiled with a wall mirror. While it’s flattering and helpful to see a reflection of your whole body as you get ready for an evening out, you can make do with a small vanity mirror.

Instead of hanging a mirror on a wall by itself, consider a storage cabinet with a mirror on the door. This way, you get ample storage that’s hidden behind the mirror, and you get to enjoy a decent-sized reflection as well.

3. Floating Shelves

When you think of floating shelves, what do you picture?

You’ve seen them trending in magazines and the internet, and they’ve probably always impressed you. These shelves look like nothing’s holding them up, though they’re affixed to a wall.

You can combine this tip with the first one in our list of bathroom storage ideas: Install a floating shelf above your toilet. If that’s not your favorite look, you can even hang a floating shelf under your freestanding bathroom sink.

You can opt for open or closed shelves. If you need to fit a lot of stuff into as much space as you can afford, go for a closed floating shelf. Cram into it whatever you need (without cluttering it, of course), then hide it all behind a closed door.

If you’re an artistic decorator who loves to put their stuff on display, opt for an open floating shelf rack. Your tiny bathroom can be a masterpiece on display as you store all of your essentials in the open.

4. Shower Recess

What’s the worst thing about having a shower instead of a tub in your bathroom?

You may think it’s the fact that you can’t stretch out and take a bath. That’s not it though.

The worst thing about a shower versus a bathtub is the woeful lack of storage. If you’re like most modern showering enthusiasts, you like to have your hair products and shower gels on hand while you’re in there. In a standard shower, you have a couple of coveted corner spots at most, each of which fits one or two average-sized bottles of shampoo.
Shower Recess
What if you could maximize your shower space though? Fortunately, shower recesses & niches are a currently trending space-saver.

You can choose your style and size of shower recess according to your bathroom design. There’s also a variety of materials for you to choose from.

5. Under-The-Sink Drawers

Drawers are a cliche space-saver, but that’s because they really do work. Whether you opt for a free-standing small bathroom shelf with drawers or you choose a vanity with drawers under the sink, you’ll enjoy ample space to arrange all your bathroom essentials.

Drawers are a discrete storage option. Your bathroom will look well organized at first glance, and none of your possessions will collect dust when stored in drawers.

Small and Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas

You don’t have to overhaul your entire bathroom to get some more storage space out of it. The above suggestions are certainly something to think about. However, if you need a solution you can implement today, here are a couple of simple options to try.

6. Wire Rack Shelves

Wire rack shelves are traditionally overlooked in decor guides. They’re a modern minimalist way to organize your space though.

Wire racks range from inexpensive coated metal stands to elegant chrome or stainless steel shelves. They’re also very portable. This means you can rearrange your bathroom at the drop of a hat if you find that your original idea doesn’t grant you as much room as you hoped.

7. Door Racks and Hooks

As you explore ways to make the most of your small bathroom, you might mourn the fact that you don’t have a built-in bathroom linen closet. Many modern bathrooms conveniently have storage space for bath hand towels, washcloths, and more.
Door Racks and Hooks
In a small bathroom, a few strategically-placed racks and hooks can make up for the lack of a linen closet. The best part of this idea is these are easy and inexpensive to install.

In fact, if you hang racks or a row of hooks on your bathroom door, you’ll save both space and money.

Curved hooks with generous spaces in between can accommodate several towels and even a bathrobe. If you opt for a rack instead, you’ll have enough space to hang a bath towel and a washcloth to dry.

Want More Space-Saving Tips?

Now that you’ve absorbed some of our clever small bathroom storage ideas, it’s time to make the most of the rest of your home. Do you need more decorating and space-saving tips? Come back to our blog frequently for fresh ideas and smart perspectives.

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