The Best Tig Welders For Every Handyman

Producing something out of a fabrication project that has both high aesthetic and structural value takes a lot of work. You would need the right materials and tools to accomplish such tasks. This is why TIG welders are among the best choices in the industry.

TIG welders are a go-to for both professional and home use. It doesn’t fail on providing reliable and professional-looking results. Considering it’s not a cheap investment, you really need to think a lot about your decision on which brand to trust. To help you out, here’s an article where you can find a list of the best tig welder choices.

1.Maxstar 150 TIG Welder by Miller Electric

Best Tig Welders For Every Handyman

You may think it’s a small machine, but it can certainly prove why it’s worthy to be on the top spot. This TIG welder from Miller Electric will blow your mind because of how powerful it can be and how long it can go despite its size. It’s highly durable. A lot of users can attest to the fact that they’ve been using the same machine for years and haven’t replaced it since.

Here are some of it’s best features:

  • Multi-Voltage Plug – No need for adapters or converters, this TIG welder has a plug that can power devices with 115 or 230-volt power.
  • Inverter Technology- An inverter-based welder can provide a significant power per pound performance.
  • Portable design – No more worrying about a bulky TIG torch, with Maxstar 150 you can move freely and weld without hassle.

Although working on DC only, this is the best option you’ve got if it’s reliable portability you’re looking for.

2.PowerTIG 210EXT by Everlast Power Equipment

PowerTIG 210EXT by Everlast Power Equipment
Created by a trusted power equipment company, the PowerTIG has gained popularity over the years. It’s loved by professionals and newbies alike because of how easy it is to use. Weighing only at 60 lbs, it is among the best choices if you’re planning to work mainly on aluminum.

Here are some of it’s best features:

  • Offers waveform control – This TIG welder offers three unique waveforms which help in flexibility when welding metals.
  • Programmable memory – It lets you save pre-programmed setting so, it’s easier to shift from one metal to another.
  • Intuitive design – No matter what level of experience you have this welder has one of the best user design. This makes it easy even for beginners to use.

3.Forney 322 12-Volt 140-Amp Multi-Process Welder

If you’re looking for something that can give it all—quality performance, durability, affordability—, this is the welder for you. Forney 322 is a favorite not only because it’s a powerful machine, but also because of its flexibility, considering it’s also capable of MIG welding.

Here are some of it’s best features:

  • 2-weld set up – As mentioned, his welder comes with a MIG and TIG setup which can be great for people working in farms, automotive, and general fabrication.
  • Spool Gun Capable – Sizes accepted by this machine is 4 inches And 8 inches.

While it’s a reliable TIG welder, the torch and foot pedal for TIG welding isn’t included in the standard package. You can buy it separately from the manufacturer.

4.PowerARC 140 TIG/Stick IGBT Welder by Everlast

PowerARC 140 Welder by Everlast
Another from Everlast, the PowerARC boasts a smooth arc control that can provide you with the steadiness you wouldn’t find in other welders. Its intuitive controls are another reason why you would want to purchase this product.

Here are some of it’s best features:

  • Lightweight – Weighing around 25 lbs, this is among one of the lightweight TIG welders you can find in the market that doesn’t compromise its quality.
  • Automated hot start – This feature automatically disables the electrode which can help avoid sticking destroying your weld.
  • Superb arc control – The welder can only power at 140 amps, but the control you get from it is undeniably good for intricate welding work.

If you’re planning to travel a lot with your welder, this is a welder that is worth it to check out.


TIG welding is gaining popularity with hobbyists and even casual users. Not only are they easy to work with they are also able to do a cleaner job when compared to other welding techniques. Find a TIG welder that’s perfect for you and your needs.

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