The Best Pipes for Plumbing: What to Choose for Your Home

When designing your home, it is important to get the right plumbing pipes. Click here to learn about the best pipes for your home plumbing.

Your plumbing is something that you should never have to think about. Unfortunately, the wear and tear that they are subjected to means that they can burst with age.

Not all pipes are made the same. Different materials have different levels of durability and are best suited for specific installation situations. Knowing the best pipes for plumbing in your home can help you avoid water damage and repair bills later on.

The Best Pipes for Plumbing

There are several different materials that are commonly used for plumbing pipes. They can be broadly divided into metal and plastic categories, though different types of metals and plastics carry significant material differences.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel pipes are not commonly installed anymore, but if you have an older home you may still have them. Most steel pipes had traces of lead, which prevented rusting but also had some serious health issues. If you think that you have old steel pipes in your home, you should get in touch with a plumber like Bradley Mechanical straight away to have them removed.


Copper pipes are now the industry standard. Copper is immune to rusting, which helps leaks from developing as the pipes age. Copper also has natural anti-bacterial qualities, which can improve the quality of your water.

Old copper pipes can also be recycled, which reduces the environmental impact of installing them in your home. The major downside of copper pipes is their price. The high initial price tag means that it can be hard to fit into a tight budget, though the lack of leaks over the long term can save you money on repair bills.


PVC pipes are hard plastic pipes that are immune to rusting and are much cheaper than copper. They can handle high water pressure fairly well, and their low price point means that they can fit into any budget.
However, PVC pipes are not completely immune to heat damage. Hot and boiling water can cause the plastic to warp or even melt, which can lead to leaks. This means that they are not acceptable for use everywhere in your home, only for cold water applications.


PEX pipes are a flexible type of plastic plumbing that can be easily installed in tricky areas since they can bend however you need them to. They are heat resistant, which means that they can be more widely applied than their PVC counterparts.

Unlike PVC, PEX is still relatively new. This means that it can be hard to find a low-cost version or even a plumber that keeps it in stock.

Choosing the Best Pipes for Plumbing

Best Pipes for Plumbing
Ultimately, all of the above options – except for galvanized steel – are a good way to go for your plumbing. Your decision simply depends on your home’s layout and your budget. Talking to a plumber can help you sort out any additional questions you may have.

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