Luxury Living Spaces: How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Home


Luxury Living Spaces

Are you redecorating your living spaces? If so, use the tips and information here to ensure your living spaces meet all your needs and expectations.

The average American spends over $8,000 on furniture.

This figure is likely to be much higher if you’re someone who loves luxury furniture. But, when you’re splashing this much cash, it’s important to choose something you’ll love forever.

Who has an extra few thousand dollars laying around for furniture, after all?

If you are currently in the process of redecorating your living spaces, we have some useful tips for you. Check them out:

1. Find Your Own Personal Style

If you’re living alone, perhaps you have a clear vision of what your style is. Do you like a sleek, modern look or perhaps something cozy and traditional?

Either way, it’s easy to choose furniture which suits you if you know exactly what your style is and what pieces you need too.
Find Your Own Personal Style
However, if you don’t know what your style is or if you’re moving in with someone who has different tastes to you, it’s time to create a mood board.

Rather than going shopping right away, take some time to create a Pinterest board or physical collage. You can do this alone or send pictures back and forth with your roommate or partner.

Once you’ve developed a large Pinterest board, sit down together (or with a glass of wine!) and refine it. Come up with your top ten images together.

This is your style! Now, make a shopping list. It’s time to start looking for your dream pieces of furniture.

2. Shop Till You Drop (But Don’t Spend a Dime)

If you truly want to make sure you have the best furniture for your home, then it’s time to go shopping.

Check out every store that has furniture that matches your unique style. This includes shopping both online and in person.

Take pictures of everything that strikes your fancy and then look at them regularly. Is this still something you want to buy after a week or two?

If you’re sure that the product you’ve been looking at is right for you, then it’s time to buy. If you’re still uncertain, ask friends and family for their opinion too.

In the meantime, continue to use your old furniture or minimal furnishings. It will be worth the wait in the long run.

3. Create a Budget and Stick to It

When buying luxury items, you need to budget for them. This will ensure you can buy products that are of high-quality, will last a long time, and are worth the cash.

After sat down and truly worked out a reasonable budget, you can begin saving up money for new products that fit your home decor.
Create a Budget and Stick to It
Hopefully, if cash is tight then mentally allocated money to a luxury chair or table won’t make you feel guilty when you actually buy it. It’s an investment after all!

You’ll also be sure that your new furniture hasn’t broken your bank which will mean you can still put food on the table. Hoorah!

4. Check Reviews and Testimonies

If you’ve settled upon the perfect dining room table, then it’s now time to check reviews online.

What do other people think of this table? Have they bought a similar one? Would they recommend it? Did it stay in one piece or did it scratch right away?

These are all important questions to find the answers to. Thanks to the internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult either!

If you’re happy with reviews and testimonies, it’s time to check out how much it will cost to get your product delivered and whether the company can offer you a warranty.

5. Buy Local and Support Tradespeople

In the age of Ikea, it’s all too easy to buy flat-packed furniture that is put together in hours and dissembled within just a few years too.

So, why not buck this trend and choose something that can be passed down for generations?
Buy Local and Support Tradespeople
Nowadays, it’s easy to find tradespeople creating beautiful products via the internet. Even if someone lives a few hours away from your home, if they create the furniture you like, it is worth enlisting their help.

Perhaps you’ve always liked the idea of having a huge oak table or how about wicker chairs with floral patterns?

By supporting local tradespeople, you are helping improve your local economy and hopefully buying more sustainable products that won’t end up in the landfill.

6. Visit Your Local Thrift Stores and Flea Markets

Just because you’re looking for luxury doesn’t mean you have to buy new. You may be surprised what you can pick up second hand. After all, a piece of furniture retains its value for longer than a pair of pants.

If you find a piece that you love, it’s easy to find a local tradesperson to tidy it up for you. This could save you money yet look sleek, luxurious, and brand new.

Always make sure to give second-hand furniture a thorough clean once it’s in your home. Then, use it as your own!

7. Don’t Forget About Comfort!

While you’re looking at furniture that you like online, it can be very easy to forget to think about whether a piece is actually comfortable.
Don’t Forget About Comfort
Visiting a store to try out similar products is essential. Or, simply choose something that you know is definitely comfortable, such as an Eames Chair.

After you get back from a long day at work, there’s nothing better than collapsing into your favorite luxury chair. Spend a little money to ensure your comfort too.

Living Spaces Need Some Loving

Once you’ve chosen your furniture and implemented it into your living spaces, make sure you protect it as best you can and then use it!

Don’t keep plastic over your sofas for long, a little stain here and there is to be expected – especially if you have pets or kids!

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