The Best Paint Colors For a Small Bathroom

Making your house a home takes effort and creativity. You will want to fill the space with decorative pieces that truly speak to who you are personally, no matter how big or small it is. A person’s home is usually their sanctuary and a homage to who they are intrinsically. So, by painting the walls your favorite color or choosing furniture that compliments your style, you will manage to make your home a cozy place. 

However, one space in a house seems to give many people a headache when tailoring to their tastes, and that is the bathroom. Bathrooms are notorious for being challenging to decorate, especially smaller ones.

Today many people, especially in large cities, live in apartments, so the bathrooms are designed to be smaller. Understandably, people have difficulties choosing the right color for their bathrooms, often wondering what the best paint colors for a small bathroom are.

Tips On Decorating Your Bathroom

The smartest way to decorate your small bathroom is by taking a step back and visualizing how to optimize the available space. In other words, make a plan before you begin painting and putting various decorations inside. You want to avoid making the already small space even more cramped. 

For this point, you may want to research some different sizes of toilets and maybe see if you can fit a bidet inside the bathroom. And if you want to stay within a budget, you can visit the JustBidet’s website, as it offers great deals. Plus, you will be able to find more tips on cleaning your bathroom, keeping up with the latest trends, etc. 

If you want to create the illusion of a bigger space choosing the correct color for the walls can be of great help. Or maybe you do not care about the amount of space as much as choosing a color that is easy on your eyes.

The most important thing is choosing a color you will not mind looking at every day. Some people like bright colors while others prefer darker ones. It is important to experiment before you land on a decision. Who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite color. 

The Best Paint Colors For A Small Bathroom 

Bright Colors 

Bright colors, such as white, are a classic when painting bathrooms, but according to expert contractors, they also have the potential to create the illusion of a larger space. This is why they are often recommended to people with smaller bathrooms. However, while using a pure white color for some is an excellent choice to maximize the space. 

Some may find a white color too clinical, but light colors do not stop at pure white. You can also choose a light blue, green, or yellow. Light colors are usually more pleasant to look at, but ensure that the variation of the color you choose is the softer one, as overly bright color variations can be pretty blinding. 

If your small bathroom has windows, the light colors on the walls will complement the natural sunlight during the day. If you go for a bright color, ensure not to match it with dark tiles as it may be an eyesore. 

Bathroom 4

Neutral Colors

If you are not a fan of bright colors, a better choice may be a neutral paint color for your walls, such as gray or tan. The Grey color on your bathroom walls will give the entire space a sophisticated look. 

You can even combine darker elements with the gray, like charcoal which will elevate the look to a higher level. Another tip for a gray bathroom is adding pictures on the walls and small decorations that will give it an elegant touch. 

A tan or a cream color is an excellent choice for a small bathroom that does not have enough windows to retain natural sunlight. The cream color also gives the bathroom a more homey feeling and is an excellent choice for bathrooms with a contemporary design. 

Darker Colors 

Now to some people, using dark colors in their bathroom may sound intimidating. However, that does not mean you should avoid trying new things. Who knows, maybe a dark color in your bathroom is exactly what has been missing from your home.  

For example, you can try a dark blue color for your bathroom, which may make the space feel more comforting. And a dark blue hue may add more richness to the overall feel of the space. Or, if you like adding a dramatic effect to your living space, an exciting paint choice for your bathroom space may be navy blue. It will make you feel bolder and liven up your space.   

Lastly, you may want to consider black paint. Most people hear the words black and bathroom and immediately think no. However, using black color for a bathroom with no windows. The depth of the dark hue may create the illusion of a much larger space, which is ideal for a small bathroom. 

A great tip for painting your small bathroom black is to incorporate many interesting shapes of light fixtures. Choosing light bulbs that emit high brightness will give your bathroom an even more significant depth.


To conclude, knowing the best paint colors for a small bathroom can make all the difference in optimizing available space. The most important thing is to find a color you will not mind seeing every day. The colors we have mentioned can provide a comforting feeling or make your small bathroom appear larger. 

Consulting a professional interior designer is always available if you are still unsure about what color is right for you. The interior designer may be able to provide you with an opinion on adding additional features to your bathroom that will complement the color you choose. 

You can even put up some interesting paintings on the walls that will create an exciting contrast against the color of the walls. 

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