How to Create the Most Relaxing Room Possible


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Almost all rooms in your home are high-traffic areas buzzing with activity. Your living room is the core space for family gatherings and receiving visitors. The kitchen is the work center where you churn out meals twice a day, on average. A dining room invites appetite and conversation. So, the only space in your home that you can call a haven where you rejuvenate, relax and refresh is your bedroom. 

After the bustling and hustling of the day, you should have a room where you retire and relax to recuperate the energy you have lost during the day. So, how do you create the most relaxing room possible? From mounting blackout custom drapes to banishing electronics, here are our top tips to help you!

Bed: Prioritize Luxury and Comfort 

If you want to enjoy a relaxing evening and night’s rest, you need to prioritize luxury and comfort when choosing your bed and bedding Choose a high-quality mattress for adequate support. Your mattress determines whether you have a quality sleep or a night filled with turning and tossing. Therefore, buy a quality mattress that you can afford. If you don’t have a budget for a new mattress, you can add a mattress topper for more comfort and support. 

Apart from the mattress, you should also choose a soft comforter, a warm blanket, and cool sheets. Make your room extra cozy by adding inviting accents like snuggly pillows, throw blankets, and shams. 

Finally, make sure you make your bed daily before stepping out or at least before bedtime. 

Color: Paint me Calm

Your bedroom shouldn’t be a place you get creative with overly bold, bright colors. The best color scheme to choose to soothe senses is a cool and calm palette. Cool colors naturally promote a peaceful mind and a calmer spirit. So, consider soft colors, such as soft blue, greens or gray, and pair them with patterned sheets and white furniture to bring life to your room. 

Pastel shades or mid-tones are also great options for a relaxing room. While dark accents, such as pewter gray, hunter green, and navy blue are not bad, white and soft colors give a more peaceful and relaxing ambiance.

Lighting: Soft is Relaxing

Having an intensely lit room doesn’t promote relaxation. Instead, it makes your mind work and throws your circadian rhythm out of whack. Understandably, you need appropriate lighting for your nighttime rituals, dressing, and reading in bed. However, it is best to leave the intense lights and ceiling fixtures for other rooms in your home. 

A lamp or bulb with a dimmer is perfect for your relaxing room since you can adjust the intensity based on your needs. If you want to read, you can increase the intensity and when it is time to relax, you can turn it down or switch it off to sleep.

To block out any external light, opt for blackout curtains or custom roman shades. Not only will these block light, they also will block external noises. 

Get Rid of the Clutter

It is difficult to relax or feel comfortable in a messy room. To create as relaxing a room as possible, clear out all clutter from the room to make it more restful. If you are a keeper, chances are that you have piles of old clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, books, and whatnots hanging around your bedroom. 

You may want to consider taking out time to sort out things and get rid of things you don’t need in your room. You can put things away in storage space. If you are a collector, try to reduce the volume of artwork and collectibles you pick up or put away from your room. 

Of course, your bedroom doesn’t have to be bare and devoid of any style and personality. You can add functional furniture, pattern, colors, a few photographs, and minimal accessories to spice up your space.

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Electronics: Not in the Relaxation Room

It is appealing to take your laptop to bed to get some work done, finish off your games on your phone before you drift to sleep, or simply catch up on some news or your favorite soap on the TV. However, these do more damage than good. The light from electronic devices tricks your brain into thinking that it is daytime and not bedtime. 

Not only that, watching TV or playing games on your device is stimulating and can keep sleep away from your eyes. Therefore, it is best to leave the electronics out of your room to make it a sleep friendly room. Leave your smartphone or laptop out of your room or switch it off at least one hour before bedtime. 

Tantalize Your Sense of Smell and Hearing

Studies have shown that a soothing smell can relax the body and mind. So, it is a good idea to introduce some nice fragrances into your room for optimal relaxation. 

You can get a diffuser with a soothing fragrance of lavender, jasmine, vanilla, or rose. A fresh flowers bouquet can also do the trick. You should also invest in a soothing sound machine to block out household and traffic noise from your bedroom.

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