The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Landscape



If you want to give you landscape garden a breath of fresh air but you also accept that tending to plants and flowers isn’t your forte, then perhaps some low maintenance plants will be the best option for you. Thankfully there is a dearth of options before you which you can choose from, of simple plants which require very little care and attention from you.

Last year we were in this same boat and initially we were looking to turf the whole lot, when it comes to turf installation Sydney has many companies to choose from but upon speaking to a professional they suggested some low maintenance plants, and we were sold. If you aren’t the most green fingered of people, here are some easy care plants to consider.



These little beauties have become a garden staple for many, largely down to the fact that they require every little care or attention, and that they look great. Coneflowers have these gorgeous and bright pink and purple flowers and they don’t juts look good in the garden ,they are also perfect for bringing in animals like birds, butterflies and bees.


These perennial plants have the most delightful big and showy flowers that you are likely to find and they look incredible around the borders of the garden. When they flower the Cosmos look like large daisies with pinks, whites and purple heads, which really add some beauty to your outdoor space. All that is required from you is to plant them in the sunny area of the garden and they will look after the rest themselves.



You may have heard of this plant referred to as ‘pot of gold’ and that is because of the impactful and stunning blossom which they have each year. These come in both annual and perennial varieties and they are one way to make a big statement in the garden, without putting in too much hard work. Generally this packed blossom comes in yellow but you can also find blooms of pin, red and orange.


Yarrow is a wild flower which will look great interspersed with some green areas of the garden. These delightful little plants are more than capable of looking after themselves and re-seed on their own each year. The blossom is a collection of small flowers which bloom in pods, and they add some refreshing colors to the garden.

Ornamental Grass


To add some green areas to the garden without wishing to create a job for yourself, look into ornamental grasses, they require very little care and add an interesting layer to the garden. You can go for switchgrass, fountain grass and many other options which give your garden a low maintenance and ornate green area, the perfect way to compliment any colorful patches which you have in your outdoor space.

Just because you don’t have the time to spend in the garden, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look great!

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