The Best Home Gifts for The Work From Home Superstar


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The work-from-home superstar has a modern twist on an old-fashioned profession. The superstar is the hard-working individual who is self-employed and works out of their home office or at an office that is not a typical 9-to-5 environment. They are the entrepreneurs, the moms, the champions, and the partners who put in the extra effort to build a business or career that gives them the freedom to live the way they want. While you can always show your appreciation with good emotional gift cards with highest rates, giving them something more valuable will make them feel super special. Our favorite home gifts for people who work from home are much more than gifts. Each is a go-to product that will make you feel like the best gift giver ever.

5 Home Gift Ideas For Remote Workers

White noise machine with air filter for better focus

You can’t beat the simplicity of a sleek design white noise machine with an air filter that costs less than $80. There are some more expensive options if you want to splurge on something nicer, but this is perfect if you have a small budget.

A webcam

When you work from home, you can be far away from some people closest to you. With this incredibly chic and thoughtful gift, you can:

  • Conduct video calls /conference calls with family and friends
  • Conduct zoom meetings and zoom calls with a family member
  • Video call business partners when you’re on the road
  • Gain unlimited access to Skype right from your home office

Give the gift of relaxation with an aromatherapy kit.

The busy season of home working can be anxiety-inducing, especially when deadlines are due. We’ve found that some great gifts for work-from-home mums come in the form of treatment or gifts to indulge themselves. This gift includes Aromatherapy, essential oils, and other goodies to help her reduce stress, stay hydrated, stay motivated, and be relaxed. Completely guilt-free!

Comfy slippers By Lunya

We all know how hard-working our mothers are. They are always busy taking care of us and our needs. We often forget how important it is to take care of them as well. One small way we can do this is by getting them a pair of comfy slippers. Your work-at-home mum will absolutely love this home essential. Not only will it provide her with additional comfort, but it can also assist with good posture.

Give the gift of comfort with a stylish office chair.

Gift giving is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for someone, and what better way to show your appreciation for the work-at-home mum in your life than with a stylish chair? Not only will she appreciate the gesture, but the chair can also help improve her posture and keep her feet warm throughout the day. Plus, if she spends a lot of time in the same room as her kids, it can be nice to have a dedicated ” home office” space to help her focus on work.

A noise cancellation headset is a must.

Block out distractions, including the sound of the heater, with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. It is a gift that will make the work-from-home superstar in your life look like an even better one.

Send productivity through the roof with standing desks.

Having a standing desk/lap desk is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your health. If you have a friend who spends a lot of time sitting at a computer, this was just made for them. This practical gift by supports dual monitors(including an external monitor) and adjusts to fit each user’s needs. Click here to find¬† height adjustable desk that fits your needs

A super cool lamp for the work-from-home Superstar.

This is the best gift for the remote worker. The LED Task Lamp will light up the desk at home and show that you’re also doing a lot in the evening.

This lamp is energy efficient and will save up to 80% energy compared to old-fashioned fluorescent lamps. As an added bonus, the lamp has 3 adjustable reading light angles, six different mood lighting modes, 2 energy-saving modes, and touch sensor operation – no buttons or switches to turn on or off.

Journal for Meditation and Reflection

If you have a little space, then you can’t escape the hustle and bustle of your kids doing their own thing from time to time. Use this journal to find solitude in short bursts and reflect on what you want to do when you are done being busy for the day.

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Water cooler

A cooler may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you are looking for a gift set for the work-from-home mum in your life (unless she runs her own business, perhaps?). But we think it’s the perfect gift, especially if you want to introduce her to a new way of interacting with her colleagues and her team outside of the office.

Luxurious massage cushion

While working from home is a great way to earn an income, it can also be a stressful experience. Most work-from-home mums experience eye strain, back, leg, and neck pain related to sitting at a desk for long hours. This pet-friendly Lunya massage cushion provides relief and comfort when you need it most. It helps relieve tension in hard-to-reach places and delivers soothing relief for lower back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain. With a massage cushion and a set of scented candles, you can relax in your own space without having to leave the comfort of your home. Plus, you can choose Lunya bedroom sets that match your decor.

Mouse pad

While a pad may seem small, it can make a big difference in the comfort and ease with which a work-at-home mother can do her job. It can be a real pain if she constantly moves her mouse around to find the right spot on her desk. But with a pad, she will always have a smooth surface to work on, and her mouse will move more quickly.

A year’s worth of their favorite coffee

Coffee is one of the few things that make us feel human when we are tired, overworked, and want to lose it. And when we are super busy 9-5ers, it becomes an even greater remedy to being productive at work. So why not get your job from home superstar a year’s supply of the best coffee so she can have the pick me up at a moment’s notice? With coffee warmers/coffee subscription boxes available, a work-from-home mum wouldn’t even have to come up with the idea of keeping their loved ones caffeinated. Giving the gift of coffee in a box ensures that a loved one can be kept awake and alert, ready to battle through their day no matter how much they juggle.

A work desk organizer set

Low maintenance desk organizers are great for saving space and helping keep things tidy during the holiday season. They’re a great way to store sticky notes, to-do lists and important documents, and to tidy up home offices. If you’ve got a work-from-home mum, a home desk organizer is the perfect home gift to stay organized! This great gift is available in multiple sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits perfectly in her space.

Laptop Stand

For those mums working remotely, a laptop stand is a great way to show her that you appreciate everything she does. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive. So, next time you’re looking for a gift for the work-at-home mom in your life, think outside the box.

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