Create a Functional Home Office and Boost Work From Home Productivity



There are many drawbacks to working from home. You are less likely to manage the time you spend working and either become distracted and not finish your tasks in due time or overwork yourself and become vulnerable to burnout. It can cause your work-life balance to become skewed, and there’s also the risk of increased isolation. However, there are also benefits, such as location independence, less money spent on commuting, reducing your carbon footprint in the process, and an increased sense of self-reliance that can boost your confidence.

However, in order to do remote work appropriately, you need to designate an office space at home. And no, lounging on the sofa or crouched in a corner of your basement doesn’t count as an office. The good news is that you’re not alone. Many people are facing the same problems. The even better news is that they can be easily remedied. A good office isn’t just one that looks like it was pulled straight from the lustrous pages of a luxury interior design magazine, but mainly one that prioritizes functionality, efficiency, and prizes ergonomics. Comfort is key, after all.

Identify the space

If you don’t have a lot of free space at your disposal, you may wonder how assembling an office will work. If you’re already planning on adding one or two extra rooms to your home, put down the blueprint plans, as there’s a much simpler solution. Partition walls for office are perfect for dividing any room into smaller spaces and provide sound privacy. Depending on the design you choose, they can also shield you from outside looks. This means fewer distractions. The construction costs are much more affordable than building additions to your home, and you can work in complete concentration.

Office partition walls offer the additional advantage of providing temperature regulation. You already know that you work best when the physical conditions are optimal. Neither shivering nor suffering from overheating are acceptable, but you don’t have to worry about that if you use adequate walls. Regardless of what your expectations are when it comes to partition walls, a crew of experts will be able to provide you with a completely customized option that you’ll see become the cornerstone of your at-home office.

Get good lighting 

It’s one of the most important aspects when you’re at the central office, and its importance is no less vital at home. Good lighting keeps you focused and protects your eye health. If you work in a place with poor light, you’re likely to notice increased eye dryness, soreness, headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Your productivity levels may dwindle as well. Low lighting can make you sleepier, so you’ll work slower and less efficiently.

So if you don’t want to experience eye fatigue or constantly feel like it’s time for a nap, you need to make sure you’re getting the correct amount of light. Daylight is always desirable, as long as it doesn’t cause glare or excessive brightness. You can control the amount that enters the windows with curtains, blinds or even tinted glass. When it comes to artificial light, choose the make, brightness and color of the lighting depending on the room’s layout. If you select an appliance but notice that it doesn’t provide you with the illumination you need, change it as fast as you can. It’s not worth it risking the health of your eyes.

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Design storage space 

When you work from home, your storage space will be smaller, so you must become creative and make the most of what’s at your disposal. For example, you can use bags and baskets hanging from hooks on the walls to stock items such as printer paper, electronics and cords. It’s important to keep your space clean and clutter-free. You can work more effectively when you don’t have heaps and piles of stuff on your desk. You are also able to find what you’re looking for faster. There are few things more frustrating than searching for a document and being unable to find it. You also have a decreased likelihood of injuring yourself or spilling your morning coffee or tea on some important file or report. If you can, you can also get a rolling cart for storage that moves anywhere you want. Efficient and space-saving, what more could you ask for?

Get plants in the equation 

You know it as much as everyone. The natural world has a soothing effect on the human psyche and can calm and relax you. And while you can’t work in the park or the garden, there are still ways to bring a little greenery inside. Potted plants are the most obvious choice, as they’re usually low-maintenance and help purify the air around your desk, increase humidity levels, and give your desk a cute look. Some of the plants you should consider adding to your shelf include African violets, English ivy, aloe vera, philodendron, rex begonias and lucky bamboo. They are generally sturdy, so you won’t have to fuss over them too much or lose work time taking care of them. However, anytime you want to take a little breather, check if they need some more water or if you can pluck off some dried leaves.

Focus on ergonomics 

Poor posture is a huge problem in today’s world, and it’s only ever increasing due to working long hours behind a desk. However, it’s not impossible to Choose a desk and a chair that you’re comfortable sitting at. You shouldn’t feel back pain or feel your legs going numb. Pick a seat with a swivel so you can adjust it to your desired height. Place your screen, so you are eye-level with it and don’t have to bend or stretch your neck in an uncomfortable position. These aspects are crucial for working in complete comfort. If you don’t get that, your productivity can easily be compromised.

Also, just because you’re home, don’t fall into the trap of lounging for hours. Although it can seem more comfortable, it significantly damages your productivity. Much like inadequate lighting, it’s more likely to make you feel sleepy.

If you plan on working from home, you should get serious about your design choices. You don’t have to drop the bar, and you’ll be thankful for the effort you put in now. You’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

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