The Advantages of Magnetic Screen Doors in General


Magnetic Screen Doors

When you hear the rattling slamming sound of a screen door closing in the old days, you know you have one. On the other hand, Magnetic screen doors are now available and are quieter than regular screen doors. Aside from that, there are several other advantages to using this new generation of screen doors, including the following:

Simple To Install

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Screws, springs, and bolts are not required for the installation of magnetic screen doors. To install a door screen magnetic closure system, you don’t even need to drill holes in your wall. Magnetic screen doors, as the name implies, employ magnets to attach themselves to the doorframe.

You may quickly remove it whenever you wish, which is a significant benefit. You may put it back if you want to use it on hot days. It is your next best choice if you live in a rental house and your landlord won’t let you install a screen door. Magnetic screen doors are available in a variety of forms and sizes to fit your doorframe. Some are even adaptable to your specific requirements.

You Can Access Them Without Using Your Hands

Installing a fly screen should be at the top of your to-do list. Especially if you have a newborn, someone in a wheelchair, or you are constantly fighting with the framed screen door handle. The beauty of the magnetic option is that it allows a disabled person to easily wheel through or stroll through with their cane, rather than reaching for the door handle and propping it open while attempting to navigate themselves through.

What about toting a baby about in a diaper bag or even carrying groceries? You have two hands full of groceries, and no one is home to keep the door open for you. So, what exactly do you do? First, reach for the handle, but you can’t because the six bags you’re holding prevent you from doing so. So, instead, you’ll have to prop the door open with your butt when you eventually open it. Then, when you try to enter the home, it closes behind you and clips your heel. Does this ring a bell? All of it comes to an end with a magnetic screen. You go through it, and it automatically closes behind you as you pass through, without you having to touch it.

Magnetic Screens Are An All-Natural Pest Deterrent

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Another reason to choose a magnetic screen over a typical framed, spring-loaded mesh door is that magnetic screens are more successful in keeping your home bug-proof.

For example, if you’re throwing a night-time party, you won’t have to worry about pests invading. However, do you have any idea that bugs are attracted to the outdoor deck light next to the door? When a person walks through the screen, rather than the whole entryway opening as with a framed door, the magnetic screen opens just enough to allow a person to go through and then closes swiftly behind them, denying the bugs any room or opportunity to enter the house.


Employing the use of a door screen magnetic closure is an excellent investment. It’s also simple to set up, maintain, clean, and take down. Finally, it’s yours to use whenever and wherever you choose. Make careful to select the one that best fits your door frame as well as one that appeals to your preferences.

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