The Advantages of a Concrete Driveway


Often mistaken for cement, a concrete driveway is a staple with longevity in various neighborhoods, but especially in America. Concrete driveways allow for an easy clean-up when it snows, a smooth transition from road to driveway, and relatively easy and cost-effective upkeep. A full list of concrete driveways’ advantages may convince you to redo or revamp your drive for the best value and the best aesthetic. If in you’re interested in getting a concrete driveway, you might be interested in somewhere like concrete driveway Denver or a place more local to you.

Concrete is the material you want.

Concrete is the material y
The most apparent reason for concrete’s popularity is the advantages of the material itself. Concrete is easy to maintain, as it can be cleaned by sandblasting or other techniques over time to remove stains and imperfections, without having to replace it entirely.

What’s more, concrete is extremely durable. If installed and mixed correctly, concrete slabs will last for more than 20 years, and in most cases, longer. Concrete can also cover a massive area, which makes sense for long or wide driveways. The overall value of concrete, which will outlast other materials like brick and cobblestone, is enough for it to be your first choice.

If you’re unsure about the beauty of concrete, it’s also possible for concrete to be stained as to create a more artistic or unique appearance.

While you can DIY, it’s not too expensive to hire a crew.

While you can DIY, it’s not too expensive to hire a crew
Installing concrete yourself can be quite a task, and one best left to the professionals if you aren’t well-versed in the mixing and pouring of this material. Time management is often the trickiest factor, as the concrete dries extremely quickly after being poured. While the installation of a concrete driveway can take a professional team only a few days, an inexperienced team would need a week of preparation. Having a wonky-looking driveway isn’t what you want. Also, paying for installation twice will be frustrating, costly, and time-consuming.

The look of the concrete can also be affected by how it’s poured, stabilized, and crystallized. A beginner wouldn’t be able to create the sleek effect of a concrete driveway without some serious expertise. You’ll also have to take precautions in parking and driving on the concrete for the first month after its installation and sealing.

Hiring a team to prepare and smooth the concrete won’t break the bank. The concrete is usually built at a rate per square feet, so the less space the driveway takes up, the lower the cost. If the concrete is bound to last 20+ years, you’ll want it done right. Think of it as an investment!

Maintenance is key.

While concrete will require less maintenance than gravel and other substances, you’ll have to be diligent about maintaining it, especially in the winter months when salt can destroy or erode it. In places like Tulsa, they’ll know what to do, check out concrete driveway tulsa.

You’ll need a suitable sealant and a method of brushing the concrete at least once a year. Remember, you’ll want to take care of your driveway if you want it to last for the long haul.

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