5 Useful Tips On Choosing The Best Timber For Building Your Deck

There are a few worthy components worth to consider when you are planning to build a deck and choosing the right decking timber can go a long way in ensuring the durability and how long your deck will last.

Helpful Tips On Choosing Decking Timber For Building A New Deck:

1.ColorChoice Of The Deck

ColorChoice Of The Deck

Fortunately, there are many colour options when selecting decking timber. Most timber decks are built in the three main groups of color when it comes to lumber namely, whites, reds and creams.

2.Grade Of Timber

Grade Of Timber
You have a selection of different grades of lumber. When choosing the most suitable deck for outdoor use, it can be advantageous first to decide on the grade of timber you require before the commencement of the project.

3.Size Of The Boards Used

There are different sized boards available to choose from when building your deck floor. Make sure you consider the size of the boards you will need for building your deck beforehand to avoid having a finished project that you are not entirely satisfied with.

4.The Durability Of The Wood

The Durability Of The Wood
One of the most vital components when building a deck is the durability of the wood you’ll be using. Hardwood decking timber falls into the category of broad-leaved and slow-growing tree species that include Ipe, Cherry, Teak and Oak and many more. Hardwood decks are a lot tougher and durable than softwood decks. They last longer and are more resistant to weather elements and insects and can save you on the cost of repairs or replacement long-term. The only disadvantage to hardwood timber is that it comes with a hefty price tag. Therefore, you must consider your budget when deciding on using this type of wood.

Softwood includes faster-growing wood species such as Pine, Cedar, spruce and Fir and is generally treated with chemicals to preserve the wood. This option is more cost-effective and can last for a few years but will require regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of your deck.

5.Finishes Used For Decking Timber

Some finishes are more effective than others when it comes to water resistance and allowing the timber to withstand elements that are associated with the outdoors. Finishes will also affect the overall appearance of your deck, therefore considering the choice of finish is vital when you’re thinking about the overall appeal of your decking.

5 Best Decking Timbers To Consider:

Decking Timbers
Treated pine – one of the most desired and cost-effective choices as it paints and stains well. Make sure you choose one with the right “H” rating.

Jarrah – one of the most expensive decking timbers but has an exquisite reddish colour, is durable and fire-resistant.

Blackbutt – is highly popular due to its pale brown colour, fire resistant and can be stained.

Spotted gum – is fire resistant, durable and has lovely colour variations ranging from a pale brown colour to chocolate brown. This timber is less prone to “bleeding” or shrinking like other timber types.

Merbau – is a less expensive choice, is very tough and is insect and rot resistant. This timber is often used for building house frames.

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