The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Lori Wall Murphy Bed

While decorative throw pillows and scented candles are attractive home additions, functionality is a primary consideration when purchasing long-term investment furniture. If you have ever desired to optimize your floor space by maximizing the area of the extra guest room, then a Lori Wall Murphy Bed would be the perfect option for this.

Since its creation in the early 1900s, a fold-up wall bed had already advanced in leaps and bounds. Today’s Murphy beds are hailed as space-saving devices. Moreover, they smoothly fit into areas without sacrificing the aesthetic.

Whether you are living in a 900-square-foot condominium or a larger house, a Lori Wall Murphy Bed has numerous advantages over a regular bedroom set. Below are a few practical advantages and disadvantages of owning a Lori Wall Murphy Bed that maximizes your space.

The Advantages of a Lori Wall Murphy Bed

It can easily transform a room for other uses. 

One of the purposes of the creation of the Lori Wall Murphy Bed was to enable rooms to serve many functions – not just mainly for sleeping. According to the experts, William Lawrence Murphy invented the fold-out bed in San Francisco in 1900. According to stories, the wall bed idea was conceived as a result of a love interest. Murphy was smitten by a beautiful opera singer; nevertheless, inviting her into a gentleman’s bedroom would be highly impolite. The wall bed enabled Murphy to store his bed in his closet, thereby converting his one-room apartment into a parlor for the young singer.

Nowadays, Murphy beds are utilized to alter spare rooms creatively.

Lori Wall Murphy Beds are great for converting unused spaces into distinct home offices, exercise facilities, or an artist studio. When you have additional space to maximize, the sky is the limit when thinking of creative ideas of how to design it.

It is multipurpose furniture.

A wall does not only enable spare rooms to serve various purposes; it is also a dual-purpose item. Many contemporary Lori Wall Murphy Bed models include pull-out desks and cupboards. This is a two-for-one investment in terms of cost and space savings.

For instance, the Lori Wall Murphy Bed can feature a fold-down headboard and robust front shelves, which is ideal for displaying trinkets and adding more storage. Other models may have incorporated LED lights, USB ports, as well as leather sofas for more functionality.

Murphy Bed2

It is durable.

The quality of the old-school Murphy bed versus current variants is one of the most noticeable distinctions. Although Murphy beds have a reputation for being flimsy, modern ones such as Lori Wall Murphy Bed can be extremely durable and long-lasting. Some are constructed entirely of wood, which increases their likelihood of surviving frequent lifting and lowering movements.

In fact, there are less expensive particleboard solutions on the market which may be more appropriate for a transitory living scenario, including a college dorm or a beginner basement apartment. In general, modern versions constructed of high-quality materials are true investment pieces that will last for years.

It is customizable.

Lori Wall Murphy Bed manufacturers offer beds in a variety of sizes, orientations, and finishes.

Moreover, unique hardware can be added to complement other furniture pieces or include entertaining elements such as hangers for your favorite comfy bathrobe. If you want a custom hue, some manufacturers provide unfinished beds that you may paint or stain to achieve the aesthetic you choose for your home.

It is comfortable to use.

Individuals considering purchasing a Lori Wall Murphy Bed frequently wonder if it will be comfy. While the pieces are unique, almost any mattress could be utilized with a Lori Wall Murphy Bed. You would not need a box spring.

Most of the Lori Wall Murphy Beds can accommodate mattresses as thick as 12 inches. However, memory foam mattresses are not advisable due to their excessive weight. The typical thickness of a mattress will range from 9 to 12 inches. You can choose which one you feel more comfortable sleeping in. 

It gives additional space for sleepovers. 

If you enjoy entertaining or inviting family and friends to stay for the weekend, the Lori Wall Murphy Bed is an excellent way to create appropriate sleeping accommodations in unexpected places. Some resourceful homeowners optimize space by improvising sleeping accommodations as necessary. Due to the variety of sizes and orientations available, Lori Wall Murphy Bed designs could conveniently be installed in a basement or family room.

Disadvantages of a Lori Wall Murphy Bed

It might be difficult to fit into rooms with unusual angles and low ceilings,

Lori Wall Murphy Beds are intended to be flush mounted to a windowless, level and straight wall. If your room is unusually shaped — with strange angles and low ceilings, then you might be unable to use a Lori Wall Murphy Bed.

Murphy Bed1

It must be secured to the wall.

Screwing wall beds into studs and drywall is required. Metal-lifting beds frequently require installation in the baseboard as well as into the floor. If you rent an apartment, you may not be permitted to install things into the wall, making a Lori Wall Murphy Bed a non-starter.

It could be more costly than a regular bed. 

Murphy beds are costly, typically costing more than $1,500. A Lori Wall Murphy Bed is capable of offering a high-quality, mechanism-free bed, which results in significant cost savings for their customers. 

It is quite difficult to assemble and install. 

It can be quite a hassle if you do not have a power drill or a stud finder? Typically, Lori Wall Murphy Beds are not pre-assembled. It will take several hours to install, but you will save money in the long run. Certain versions are flat-packed, allowing for quicker delivery times. It is less expensive and eliminates the need for you to set a time window to receive the cargo.


Although a Lori Wall Murphy Bed has its drawback, its advantages still weigh more. 

Lori Wall Murphy’s bed is one of the most functional and aesthetically appealing pieces of furniture nowadays. A Lori Wall Murphy Bed is a space-saving solution for design aficionados, whether they are looking to optimize space in a small house or convert underutilized areas into multifunctional rooms.

If you have an issue with the little space in your home, then you do not have to worry about it; you can have the Lori Wall Murphy Bed as your option.

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