The ABC Of Brewing Coffee In A French Press


Are you a coffee enthusiast? Do you remember the best coffee you have ever had? If you have recalled it, then that should be the one brewed in a French Press. Yes, that ‘s the power of even a single sip of French press coffee. The taste of it stays in your memory for a lifetime.
French Press? hmm. You already know what it is, then leaves the next paragraph and read on.

Is it a word that seems foreign to you? Well, It is just a cylindrical shaped beaker which is quite narrow. It could be made of either glass or metal. It is equipped with a lid and plunger that fits rigidly in the brewing cylinder. The main component of any coffee maker .. the filter. For a French press, there would be a fine nylon or metal mesh filter. Read more French press buying guide article to find the best French Press on the market.

drinking french press coffee

Read on to learn how to be a PRO when it comes to brewing the creamy bodied coffee using a French Press!

First, we need to jot down the ingredients to begin the preparation.

  • Water
  • Coffee beans
  • Heating Source
  • Sugar (if needed)

Let’s walk through the process of brewing French Press coffee. The process can be broadly classified into three sections.

  1. Make Ready the Coffee Beans and Water
  2. Prepare the Mix of Coffee and Water
  3. Brew the Coffee

1. Make Ready the Coffee Beans and Water

Make Ready the Coffee Beans and Water
Step 1. Measure the Coffee Beans

To guarantee that you end up with the right quantity of grounds for your coffee, you should painstakingly quantify the coffee beans. Let’s assume you need to server around 3-4 people. You will then need to make at least 32 ounces of coffee. For such a quantity of coffee, you will need to measure out the coffee beans to amount to 51 g.

Step 2. Coarsely grind the coffee beans

Once the measurement is done accurately, put them into a coffee grinder. Grind them coarsely such that it results in a texture of breadcrumbs. To achieve the best-flavored coffee, the grinding process should be just 15 minutes prior to the brewing. Too early grinding would result in stale, oxidized coffee. The coarser the grind is, the tastier the coffee would be.

We have reviewed here our top 5 coffee grinders for french press.

Step 3. Boil the water and let it cool

As we have chosen to make 32 ounces of coffee, we will need 4 cups of water that would amount to 32 ounces. The temperature of water required when preparing the coffee is 91 degree Celsius. This is a little less than the boiling point of water. Take an electric kettle or maybe even a vessel with water on the stove. Boil the water. Off the heating source. Let the water cool for 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute before brewing the coffee.

The water used should either be filtered or bottled. It is better not to choose tap water as it spoils the taste of your hot drink.

Step 4. Keep ready your French press.

Check your press to guarantee that the plunger gadget inside that pushes the grounds to the base of the pot to express their flavor into the heated water is working legitimately. Evacuate the top and plunger, and put the ground beans in the press. Before making your coffee, it’s a smart thought to wash the press with hot water. That will warm it up to help keep the coffee itself warm.

2. Prepare the Mix of Coffee and Water

Step 5. Fill just half of the press
Fill just half of the coffee french press
After the water is cooled for a minute, add it to the grounds that is present in the French press. Make sure you do not add the water completely in a single stretch. Rather, begin by pouring sufficient enough of water into the press to fill it midway. Permit the blend of coffee and water to sit for roughly 1 minute in the press.

Step 6. Stir the mixture

At the point when the coffee and water have sat for a moment, the grounds will probably float to the top and create a thick layer. Utilize a spoon to mix the blend vigorously so you split up the layer of grounds. Using an up and down motion with the spoon while stirring, ensures that both the coarse particles of grounded coffee and water are well mixed.

Step 7. Add the remaining water

After you have blended the water and grounds, you can pour whatever is left of the hot water into the press. Utilize a roundabout movement as you’re including it so that all the grounds of the grounds get soaked evenly.

You can also choose to add all water without a moment’s delay at once and blend quickly to mix the coffee and water. In any case, it can be harder to guarantee that the greater part of the grounds are doused on the off chance that you pour in all water at a stretch.

3. Brew the Coffee

Brew the Coffee French Press
Step 8. Enable the coffee blend to soak for a few more minutes.

When you have included the greater part of the water, put the cover on the press. Try not to press the coffee yet, however – enable the blend to sit for an additional 3 minutes so it has sufficient time to completely steep. As you turn out to be more experienced in making coffee with your press, you may understand that specific kinds of coffee taste better on the off chance that they are soaked longer or shorter than 3 minutes.

Change the brewing time to adjust to your own tastes.

Step 9. Plunge the press.

After the coffee has soaked for three minutes, it is the time to plunge the press. Push down on the press tenderly until the point that it touches the base of the carafe.

Pushing on the press too hard can make the coffee bitter. On the off chance that you feel something is stopping when you’re plunging, move up the press a few inches and push down it again until the point that you get to the base.

Now the plunging is done. The coffee is ready to be served. Pour it into cups and serve immediately.

If you are going to drink or server the coffee later, pour into a thermal carafe.

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